Saturday, December 10, 2016

rudolph reindeer pretzel rods

when all of the other reindeers 
used to laugh and call him names, 
never let him join in any reindeer games,
i say to heck with them,
especially when they only loved him 
santa let him lead the way.

rotten reindeers.
where's their christmas spirit?

because of the mean reindeers, 
i am dedicating today's pretzel rod treat to 
these are easy, 
thanks to wilton's candy decorating reindeer kit.
the only thing about the kit, however,
is that the eyes are HUGE and they have black jelly beans.
jelly beans + pretzels=yucky taste
so i used this instead:
then just dip,
and decorate.
you can leave it like that but i wanted a 
jingle bell collar since he is leading 
santa's way after all.
that icing wasn't the greatest to work with.
i think it came from all of the other reindeer trying to sabotage poor Rudolph again...
so if you make these, i suggest green candy melt or green royal icing.

anyway, now the red nose reindeer 
is complete, with a white candy smile to boot.

hope you get to join in all the 
reindeer games this season!


  1. Sure glad you gave credit where credit was Rudolph!! I'm surprised Santa even kept those other reindeer around after the way they treated ol' Rudy! I'll bet they are really jealous over these cute treats made JUST for him!! Way to go, my BBFF!! Dona

    1. i think grandma should've run over those reindeer instead of the other way around! BAHAHA thanks AGAIN BBFF! :>D


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