Tuesday, December 6, 2016

hot cocoa bar (using oriental trading supplies)

hi guys!
i know i am overdue for a post but i gotta tell ya,
things in this holiday house are hopping and
 i've been more than a busy elf these days.

anyway, during all the holiday chaos,
i got an email from Oriental Trading Company 
asking if i'd like to partner with them!
this is a company i LOVE and known for years and years. and if you know this blog, you know i have zero affiliates but i just could not let this opportunity go by.

so this saturday i am having a 
big woodland camp-out christmas shebang and
one of the setups is a hot cocoa bar :)

 here it is all set up:
lemme show you what i did with the supplies i got from their wonderful company.

oh but before i go on, 
if you haven't heard of oriental trading, 
you should really check them out 
HERE at their christmas store.
they sell tons and tons and tons of stuff for parties 
and the home and all kinds of holidays for 
extremely reasonable prices.
in fact, i think their inventory is bigger 
than santa's toy workshop!

they have crafts, 
like this hot cocoa mug that i turned into a banner 
using my own letter stickers.
they have moose mugs and felt reindeer candy cane covers 
that are OH SO CUUUUUTE!
i got the reindeer photo props and 
these antler stir sticks.
these santa bowls fit my marshmallows perfectly :)
and look how cute these santa mugs are.
i decided to make a pyramid out of them to display.
even if they are upside down, i think they're still fun!
so there you have it. 
you should check out oriental trading HERE 
for more party fun and tons more i can't even list. 
and HERE for more winter fun too!

they have some of the best customer service too :)
of course it's always nice to grab a cup of cocoa while checking out their stuff too.
if i sound like a commercial then good cuz all opinions are 
100% mine but i just have to share the good stuff.

oh and before i forget, check out the craft page HERE 
where i got these diy frames for the kiddies too. 
 you only need a little glue for the marshmallow pom poms but 
other than that, everything is sticker bound.
also, if you're looking for a deal 
at Oriental Trading, 
visit their coupon page here for the latest in sales.
so what are you waiting for?
have a hot cocoa bar party for tons of fun too :)

cuz every day can be a:
as always, you are my cup of cheer. 

for this review i was provided the party supplies free of charge by Oriental Trading Company. 
no other type of compensation was received for this review and i provided my own 100& honest opinion..


  1. For some reason, I've always received the Oriental Trading Company catalogue! But, I've never really looked at it. You have changed that! So your opinions have worked! They need to use you for EVERY holiday! Their stuff, paired with your brain = a perfect party! Oh, BBFF, you are the marshmallow in my cocoa! Dona

    1. thank you Dona! you are so funny-i never thought i'd be called a marshmallow ever! LOL ;>D! anyway, if you are looking for cute toys for your great grandkids or any other kid, they have good quality stuff and usually sell them by the dozen-just search the ones with the 5 star reviews :) and if there's a problem with your order they send another one to you free of charge with rush delivery and no questions asked hardly! :>D


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