Saturday, December 17, 2016

marshmallow snowmen hot cocoa treat

is it snowing where you live?
lucky ducks!
what i wouldn't do for a white christmas!
anyway, guess i'll have to make some myself,
as in these snowmen marshmallow hot cocoa treats:
i made 50 of these winter treats
so if you need to make 50 treats too, lol, 
lemme show you how easy peasy this is.
it's really all in the packaging too.

so the idea came to me when i saw this 
HUGE marshmallow at michael's:
 it was 50% off so i ended up paying a 
little under 9 bucks for it.

now you may think that is steep for marshmallow but considering i made so many treats,
it really wasn't bad. 
i did buy 2 of them though cuz 
i had to make so many of them.

anyway, grab your snowman cookie cutter and dip it in cornstarch.
then start cutting away.
one marshmallow sheet gave me 28 snowmen!
have you priced individual marshmallow snowmen on a stick?
why goodness sometimes they run $3 a piece 
so if i bought 28 snowmen that would be...
wait a sec, i need my calculator...
this is where the $9 
deal scores, 
or in my case, the $18 since i made double.
but if i bought 50 ready made snowmen
at $3 each,
i would've ended up spending $150 just on snowmen.

gosh i hate math.

 ok so now add the stick which i got from hobby lobby.
then decorate a face with food markers.

next melt some chocolate bark and pipe on the hats.
i lined my snowmen up on parchment paper and 
used my poor piping skills 
to add the hat instead of dipping the snowmen in chocolate 
cuz piping is just so much faster.
next add on your candy buttons with extra chocolate.
ta done!
next up is the packaging. 
i thought about making my own cocoa or scooping some up in a bag and adding the snowman to it but i didn't want him all stained with cocoa.
so i packaged them in separate bags this way from bags 
i got at michael's for another sweet 50% off:
i punched 2 holes as shown above and added a piece of twine.
and got this as an end product:
so now it's off to internet world to seek out 
a hot cocoa printable tag 
and all will be complete for 
the 50 co-workers on my christmas list.
which leaves me with only a zillion other packages to wrap.
oh how i love christmas! (?!?!)  


  1. I want to work where you do! These are fabulous, fun, frolicky.....? Well, seems I need to drag out my Thesaurus again. But I love 'em! Do you ever take a break, BBFF?? Dona

    1. LOL! be careful what you wish for (about working!) anyway, no, i never take a break especially at christmas! :>O i seriously need a long winter's nap. lol thanks BBFF! :>D


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