Wednesday, December 21, 2016

diy christmas decorated utensils

a couple weeks ago i had a grand christmas bash.
everyone brought in a dish and we had 
a grinchmas kinda feast filled 
with all kinds of savory and sweet treats.
it was all christmasy christmas.
except the serving spoons.
how could i forget the serving spoons?

well here's the answer to next year's Christmas hullabaloo feast-christmas decorated utensils.
here's what started the idea:
you can get the merry mini gingerbread men at michael's 
and the mini hats from oriental trading 
but you can get mini santa hats at hobby lobby too.
aren't they cute?

just match 'em up with the gingerbread men.
and attach with your 'ole glue gun and 
a christmas phrase sticker at hobby lobby too.
let's get on with the big ones now.
i got the split balls at hobby lobby. 
dang i frequent that store too much.

ok to fit the mini hats on the big ones,
ya gotta cut 'em like so:
then just go to town with paint markers, 
sharpie detail, beads, rub on holiday phrases coated with mod podge for protection, 
and whatever else you want.

and you'll get these, 
or something similar to it i guess.

here's the woman that holds it all together:

that snowman looks creepy. 
i gotta fix his eyes.
maybe i shoulda named him zombie snowman?

here's a cheesy fellow.
and finally the big man himself.
and so there you have it.
just be sure to handwash of course (duh).
you think you'll flip for these? :>P
anyway, these are guaranteed to be holiday happy.
either that or people will think you are 
OCD extreme with Christmas, 
which happens to be the case for me. lol
3 cheers for more holiday OCD happiness!

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