Wednesday, May 27, 2015

nyc skyline cake pops

hi guys!
oh it's good to be back.

i've been away for a short bit if you haven't noticed, 
and it was due to life being crazy busy.

being away from blogging is actually quite freeing but 
i still had the itch to share, but no time to do so.

one of the things i can share with you though is something i made for a friend of mine.

check it out:
it's a cake pop display :)
because a lot of what draws people to a product is how it is presented.

so i thought of a city right away when my friend said she loved new york and this is how i came up with it.
the styrofoam block came from michael's 
and was 18 x 12 inches.
i cut it in half for this project.

i had a scrapbook paper pad from jo ann's that had the cloud paper in it.
i tried to line the 2 sheets to match as much as possible-
not perfect but i didn't care...
when i glued it, it actually stayed up-
 i was SO excited!

i was totally winging everything-i'm not good with planning out crafts-i get too impatient and can't wait to see the end result.
luckily this one worked :)
then came the next step.
i needed to make the cake pops, which i just used mini vanilla funfetti cupcakes that i bought from from walmart and smooshed 1 cupcake for each pop.

then i went to drawing on them with food markers, something i was into and forgot to take pics for you.
one of my black markers was running out but it made a great gray color-perfect for the skyscrapers.

so i made 5 of them, 6 taxi cabs, and one apple.
i carefully pushed a hole thru the gray cardstock into the styrofoam with a plain lollipop stick then pushed all the way thru with the actual cake pop.

Ooo! what do you want to see first?
a broadway show? the empire state building?
statue of liberty? times square?

dang! i ain't gettin' anywhere!?!

hello? anyone?
either that or take the subway.
i think i'll just eat a taxi cake pop and think about it some more...


  1. How fun and beautiful food art. It's gorgeous!

    1. oh my goodness! thank you SOOO much carpet cleaners Kensington!!!! :>D!

  2. Replies
    1. climb in Beth! i bet you could make an edible taxi filled with people in like, an hour or 2 flat. heehee ;)

  3. Presentation is EVERYTHING! Love how you made this, such a great display of your fab cake pops!

    1. when one gets a compliment from the QUEEN OF ALL THINGS PARTY PRESENTABLE (aka YOU), one (aka me) must jump for joy and do a continuous happy dance. :>D!

  4. Just adorable! Everything came together perfectly! But poor New York when guests gobble up all the cake pops - it'll be a ghost town!

  5. So cool, love this! I love NYC and this reminds me of the excitement and busy place that it is. I can't wait to visit again. Pinned this :)

    1. yay thank you so much Bernadyn! my sis lives in NYC and when i visit i feel like i need to stay 4 more weeks to see everything! LOL :)

  6. This is so inventive!! Wow. PINNED. Linda Crafts a la Mode

    1. jeepers thank you Linda! i SO appreciate the pin too! :>D!

  7. It's time for Alicia Keys :-D
    "In New York
    Concrete jungle where dreams are made of
    There's nothing you can't do
    Now you're in New York......."


    1. ...New York...New York!!!!!
      heehee now you got that song stuck in my head. thanks Mila and Alicia!!!! LOL :>D!!!

  8. One of my many favorite things on my 1st visit to NYC was that iconic taxi ride!! I <3 NY and I REALLY <3 your awesome cake pops/display. I couldn't figure out how you decorated the taxi cool is this. I love the cartoonish (is that a word yet?) look you gave them. :)

    1. i think my brain thinks in cartoons Karen! LOL and absolutely cartoonish is a word! i love me some food markers (when they decide to work for me that is-HA) and cab rideas are always so interesting aren't they? thanks a million again! :>D

  9. Wow that is so fancy, the taxi's are so awesome.

    1. thank you Linda! i never thought i could make a fancy New York yet alone fancy taxi's?! LOL ;)

  10. I'm way late on this one! Been gone again, house/critter sitting! But better late than never when it comes to the creativity of my BBFF! This is fabulous! There IS no end to your ingenuity! Bravo, girlfriend! Dona

    1. yay you're back!!!! life is craaaaazzzzeeee busy for me right now! i have so much to do and so little time my head feels like nyc traffic jam! LOL thanks again my BBFF! :>D

  11. Another cute creation!! Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday! I hope you'll stop by for this week's party!!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ The Submarine Sunday Link Party

  12. thank you SO much T'onna! i linked up to your party again! yay! :)


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