Wednesday, May 6, 2015

mason jar bookmarks

do you like to read?
me too.

it's evident with all the thousands of blogs i subscribe to that inundate my inbox.

as much as i like reading, time is something i need more of, since the free time that i do have is spent on crafting, 
with either a glue gun or candy melts.

so those novels are set aside and when i do get the urge to read, it's crafting books and magazines i head to instead.
the problem with that is there are way 
too many dog leafed pages in them.

so i made these to help me out:
here they are without all that stuff in the front although i know the pics are not very good at all so i'll show them to you up close.
if you wanna make some for yourself or your mom 
for mother's day, you'll need this:
ok so i pretty much am addicted to mambi sticks stickers.
they can be found at michael's or hobby lobby.
this pack is a 6 page humdinger of pretty cool quotes.

and you'll need these at the darn place i keep stalking.
ok i had these in my craft room but anything will do.
i like these the best:
all you gotta do is stick the sticker on and add the beads like so:
it's a piece of cake no brainer craft,
something that suits my hurtin' brain these days 
from everyday life.

i plan on laminating them as soon as i get the chance.

oh gosh i must have some extraordinary destiny ahead. LOL

then there are these simple reminders:
they say everyone else is already taken.

so don't bother comparing.
that way you'll have a song to sing.
that "today will never happen again" quote could be both good and bad and a wonderful motivator... or not. 
nevertheless it's cool.
like these:
so are you liking the quote sticker pack too?
more than half of them fit perfectly on the jars.
who'da thunk?!
but now it's late and i wanna finish putting beads on these but i gotta go to bed.

so i'll get this jar, 
and plop everything in there to finish the next day, even though it seems you're supposed to put a dessert in it instead.
but who am i to follow rules?
cuz wouldn't this be a nice gift for mom or
any reader you know?

add a couple of good books with it if you really 
wanna score some points.

do it now cuz 
"today will never happen again".


  1. Well, I must say, this is extraordinarily off your usual path! Exceptional idea! Easy! The epitome of usefulness! Sorry, that's all I've got. Ran out of "e's". But I do love 'em!!!! You da bom, BBFF! Dona

    1. dang girl you have such a way with words! don't think those scrabble buddies of yours stand a chance with you! LOL when it took me all of 5 minutes to make this craft i sat there and said "is that it?" haha thanks for the smile BBFF! :>D

  2. I love how you used the mason jar tags! I, too have so many dog eared magazine pages I'll probably never get to.

    1. well we'll just keep dog leafing away cuz if i made a bookmark for everything there would be no trees left-LOL nice to know i'm not alone Kim! :)

  3. Love these! I'm also too involved flittering from one craft to the next to settle down and read a real book, but I need bookmarks for my multiple cookbooks! The Mason jar theme is great for that! And - I have a jar paper punch, (unopened! SWOAC* purchase!) that would be perfect for this project!
    *SWOAC = shopping without a clue! - just grab stuff you like and put it into your cart without a single idea for its use!

    1. SWOAC?!?! BAHAHAHA so THAT'S what you call my kinda shopping! :>O oh how you make me laugh J! :>D

  4. These are lovely.Cute and useful :)

    Over from Idea Box Thursday

    1. thank you Kate! i dunno what's up with mason jars but any of the suckers are too cool! LOL ;)

  5. Just love these! Very cute and a great idea!

    1. thank you Teri! it's 3.5 minute craft! i must make more of these kind :>O LOL

  6. Such a fun idea! Super cute too. Thanks for sharing at Idea Box.

    1. thanks Danielle! ya can't go wrong with mason jars huh? ;)


here's wishing for a stuffed comment box... :>D