Sunday, May 10, 2015

a mother's day bicycle flower emoji treat garden gift (or whatever)

happy mom's day everyone!
so last week my friend asks me to make her mom, maxine, something to help celebrate the day.

"just whatever Lisa, you know what to do." she said.

so with that, i ran with it.
and made something.

something called a...
bicycle flower treat thing with smiley treats.
flower garden and emoji truffle thingie.
edible flower and emoji lemon cake balls in a bicycle basket gift.
a bicycle basket with oreo flowers and lemon emoji cake pop treats 

anyway, here it is, whatever it is.
see what i mean?
if only i had an abbreviation for it, it would eliminate a lot of guess work as to whatever the heck this is.

anyway, let's move on.
hooray after 4 years-yes, 4 years folks, i finally opened up my silhouette box.
don't ask...

i bought that "best mom" thing for 75 cents on their site and had to cut the connection by the last "m" on the word mom in order for it to lay as flat as it could on a curved surface. 
of course it's not perfect but it works!

then i wandered over to target and saw the stickers.
and some really pretty oreos that i have no idea what they look like or taste like inside so i hope they are not moldy or groddy but too late now cuz they are still awful pretty so i'm buyin' them anyway kinda oreos.

and i got it together with some of my stash in my craft room.

uh oh. 
lots of empty space here.
that mom mug i got and the little note pad and pens aren't gonna look right in there.

i'm off to trader joe's.
(can you tell i'm winging this whole thing as i go?)

then i took some vanilla almond bark and added the final details to the emoji faces.

i like them.
wanna see 'em up close?

last i filled the empty space in my oreo flower garden bicycle pail thingie doohicky gift basket but not really a basket thing.
hope maxine likes it!

she can tell her friends she got a thing from her daughter.
wonder what she'll call it?
perhaps she'll get a text message telling her what it is.

hey here's a text for you!


  1. Sorry, BBFF, my Thesaurus is failing me. In more ways that one. No words to describe how brilliant this is. Also, it won't tell me what "emoji" is. Enlighten me, please, oh Mistress of All that is Crafty and Yummy! Dona

    1. i'm getting the feeling that you have never text'd before? :>O :>D :) :( >:> O :O)
      see what I just did? that's your explanation. til we meet again grasshopper BBFF. heehee happy mommy's day! :)

    2. I DO text! Really! I even have a smart phone! (needless to say, its' smarter than me!) OH! Wait! those emotion faces....emoticons? or what ever? ACK! I think I have it! But I've never heard that word before. Maybe my phone isn't as smart as yours, oh worthy Mistress! Happy Mom's Day to you, my friend! Dona

    3. BAHAHA! i have officially declared that we have way too many words to choose from! maybe we could just use emoji emoticons for everything? LOL :>D!

  2. Delivered with love and humor! To Maxine! Lucky her!

    1. thank you J! my friend told me she loved it and she knew right away who made it...i'm thinkin' that's a good sign?! lol ;)

  3. I have a name for you..although i know I'm a bit late. "Tour de Sweets"! What a creative, thoughtful and yummy Mother's Day gift for your friend's Mom. I'm sure she was excited to receive it! :)

    1. HOLY COW!!! it's PERFECT Karen! i shoulda consulted with you first! now i have an official name for this bike doo-hickey thing i made thanks to you! LOL :>D!

  4. I love the clever name that Karen came up with. :) I am sure Maxine loved her treats; I sure would!

    1. I was just gonna say the same thing, Sue! What a perfectly cool name for the gift!

    2. looks like we're all in agreement with the name-maybe i shoulda had a contest for it? lol thanks to awesome people like you guys, Sue and J, (and Karen, and Dona) that i know i can always count on to brighten my day! :>D!


  5. What a unique gift...I love the . Your Bicycle/emoji give is a great idea. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

    1. you love the what? LOL thank you SO much Kathy for coming by again and commenting! i'll be back for another party with you :>D

  6. I am glad to know I am not the only one who sometimes has an issue with deciding what to call something that I make.

    1. sometimes i'd just like to use the title "it's just a hodge podge of stuff"! LOL thanks so much Sheena for coming by! :)

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this with Awesome Things Tuesday last week! Come party with us again, we'd love to have you!

    1. hey thanks for coming by Dee! would love to party again! :)

  8. I much more prefer these emojis than digital ones! :)

    1. i think i do too Mila! ;) thanks again for leaving your sweet comment :)!


here's wishing for a stuffed comment box... :>D