Monday, September 10, 2012

ice cream sundae pedestals

ever since summer started, i prayed for the day it would end.
well, actually not summer summer. 
more like summer boiling hot degree summer.

so now that summer will be over soon, 
i would like one more ice cream treat please.
like the kind that lasts forever.
is it possible?

i think we can come up with something.
but first i gotta tell you what inspired me.

it's all that glitter guy's fault.
when he has products like this:
Lots of Frosting! Covered Cake Plate
i mean really?!
how can you not like this?

well, the only thing i didn't like about it was the $$$ tag. 
so here i went a'huntin' again.

and i got this:
homegoods, target and marshalls always have cake dome pedestals like this at pretty darn good prices, even if they aren't on clearance.
so i got 3 of them in different sizes...
 i wanted an ice cream family treat. hehe

and spending the $27 was waaaaay more better than the $148 on the one item.
(was that proper grammar i just used? whatev.)

so i took them home and used this on one of them:
and i made a roller coaster with the white paint on the dome part.
that was a scary ride!
guess i'm not as young as i used to be...

so anyway, i globbed more paint on and covered about 1/3 of the dome, making sure i painted it on real thick to resemble ice cream.
then when it was still wet,
i added this:
and this:
to make it look like this:
can i have a cherry please?
thank you!

are we done yet?
cuz look at this:
no prob.
i got this.
first i painted the stem part white then when that was dry, i used these paint markers to do this:
now how about some strawberry ice cream
with different sprinkles?
ok how's this for the stem?
teenie tineee strawberries.
wait! we gotta have chocolate too:
and do that stem as well, 
this time with little loop de loops:
i covered all the paint parts with modge podge to seal the deal and keep the ants away from being tempted by a gigundo ice cream sundae.

so let's see what we got all together:
oooooo! me likey!
let's all scream for ice cream!


ok now that that's all done,
know that you can put whatever cookie you want in one of them.

and hey!
you can put bars in the other!
and brownies in the third!

and the ice cream will never ever melt.
now that's what i call dessert :)

so good bye summer, 
hello fall.
i gotta ton of halloween tricks and treats up my sleeve. 
coming soon at this 
same bat channel, but not necessarily same bat time.



  1. Glad I found your blog!! Love it! I myself have been eyeballing that same pedestal! In fact it's still sitting in my amazon cart!! I have been wanting to recreate it but just didn't know where to start!! Thanks for the inspiration!! I can't wait to start this project!!

    1. hooray Patty Cake! i'm so happeeeeeeey i gave you inspiration! now you can make these and put your beautiful pastries in it :)

  2. I am happy and relieved to see summer leave, too! This project is just amazing, you really made something special! What a showstopper for a centerpiece at a party, wow! I love it!

    1. Thank you thank you Michelle! They are on my kitchen counter but next time i have a partay, i will use it as a centerpiece! thank u so much for the idea :)

  3. super cute! I pinned them! Thanks for linking them up at Reasons To Skip The Housework!

    1. Ouch! I've been pinned! haha just kidding :) Thanks SO much Melanie and for letting me join your party!

  4. You know those make me hungry! They came out great, really look like ice cream. Thanks so much for sharing on the We Made That Linky!

    1. Oh and thank YOU so much for your nice comment! Not sure what kinda spoon you would use to eat :)

  5. Oh my stars, these are precious! i love how to incorporated sprinkles and took advantage of all that stem space to decorate cuteness. this post made me giddy and laugh out loud! yay! thanks for linking up at Twigg Studios!


    1. Oh Amberly! Your comment was like, an 11 out of 10 :) You just made me giddy! Yay! :D

    2. Hey! I just saw you became a follower! Weeeeeee! I'm putting a GIANT cherry on your sundae!!!! Thank you Amberly THANK YOU!

  6. Such a cool idea! I'm actually named after an Icecream Sundae, so I think I'm going to have to make one. I linked up at Sundae Scoop and I'm so happy that you did too.
    Brianna from Flippin' Delicious

    1. You're named after an ice cream sundae?!? Wow! How coooool is that! hehe Hope you get to make one then and add your own kinda sprinkles. Thanks so much Icecream Sundae! oops, I mean Brianna! :)

  7. What a creative idea! I am always finding myself buying domed glass cake stands in Home Goods. Now I know what to do with them all. I love how you were able to get the ice cream texture on the dome and used real sprinkles to decorate. It would the perfect addition to a ice cream party dessert table!

    I wanted to invite you to share your project on my blog, Confetti Diaries, link party this week. I know my readers would enjoy such creative inspiration! Thanks again for the great idea!

    1. Hi Natalie! You can thank Michelle for suggesting that party idea (see comment above). I use them for all the treats i buy so it's a treat covered treat! WHOA! that'sa lotta sugar :) oh-i linked up too-thank u!

  8. Seriously? A stroke of genius!!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing at #FlashbackFridays!! See you soon xoxo

    1. oh my! you are too kind Michelle! thank you so much :>D

  9. I am going to do this! Love it, love it, love it.

    1. hooray! i love it love it love it that you love it! thank you Beth! :>D


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