Friday, September 21, 2012

halloween "butter" dishes for mini treats

before reading, this post contains gross out halloween stuff that may make you ill but also cute stuff to hopefully balance it out :>P

we'll start the bidding at 25 cents.
25 25 25 do i hear 25?yes!50 50 50 50 i hear 50?yes!75 75 75 75 i hear 75?yes!1 dolla 1 dolla 1 dolla??YES!do i hear $1.25? 1.25? 1.25?


1 dolla. 1 dolla. 1 dolla. going once...going twice...SOLD! to the lady in the black pointy hat and striped socks for $1.00.

what'd she get?

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now to our next item.
for this one, EVERYBODY needs this.
ah yes, cuz we all know without one, we couldn't live.
so here we have:

shall we start the bidding at 25 cents? 
but you, dr.frankenstein, are not allowed to bid since you already got a dozen of these last year.
25 25 25 25...

ugh. freakish.

i'm gonna stop there cuz I don't think i want any more grossness on my blog.

i mean what happened?
cuz i cannot go into a halloween store these days without these body parts on full display for my innocent eyes without staring at them in awful wonder all neatly packaged in their cellophane and styrofoam trays and quickly feeling queazy if i don't shut my eyes real tight and pray i don't run over a little old lady with my shopping cart.

so when i blindly make the turn with my cart and run into this mask,

you my dear, are in SERIOUS need of dental work!
gawd awful mask that i photo edited here
i'm done. 
stick a fork in me and do NOT wake me up til turkey day!

and you think i'd actually like all this stuff, since i am a halloween baby after all.

quite the contrary. i like things that don't make me ill. (don't EVEN ask me why i'm a nurse!)
and Halloween can be cute and fun and whimsical. so without further ado, let's look at this instead.
 cute little butter dishes.

awwwwwwwww...look at the purrttee leetle butter dishes! now these are much better to look at than severed body parts. indeed.

but they don't look halloweenish!?!

let's fix that then.

with these:

and add a little crazy imagination not involving blood.

all you gotta do is draw and you're done!

first up.
a fuzzy monster.
then a chevron pumpkin comes by with a leaf mustache. 
(yeah, i know, i'm nutty.)

and take a look at my mummy. 
well, not my mummy, mummy. 
just a mummy.
and then along came a spider...
crud. messed up on the stupid web.
but hey! a little 409 gets it right out and i can start all over :)
all done.
so now what?

i mean, it's not like this would be appropriate for butter. 
who puts butter in little dishes like this anyway?

what's wrong with a stick or a tub of butter at the dinner table?
if i am having a dinner that needs a separate butter dish like this, then i better be at a fancy schmany restaurant, and not in my kitchen waiting for the rolls to be done.

so since they are all cute and not gross, it only makes sense to use them right?

try these (i got them at wal-mart)

whad'ya think?
let's start the bidding at 1 cent.

1 1 1 1 1 1 1.....



  1. I vote Halloween should be whimsical and bring out the kid in us all (not such much the murderous ghoul in all of us...) So I 100% agree with more cuteness and less disturbing gore.

    I LOVE the little guys you transformed! The monster and the spider moon are my favs- but they work so well as a little team.

    Great job my dear!


    P.S.You should post this project here at this Halloween themed ongoing linky party. There's tons of cute whimsy Halloween-ness there!

    1. Yay! Thanks Amberly! I linked up at that party-glad to see there isn't too much goreness (new word) over there! Happy to hear you like my little guys. Guess if people like gore they can always stick a bloody finger in them too-LOL!

  2. That's so cute! I love the little mummy!

    1. Thanks Liz! I think the mummy's my fave too. But who doesn't love their mummy? :)

  3. Cute!! I'm sold on the mummy and the spider!
    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

    1. You're welcome Christina! So I guess the mummy and spider are SOLD to the nice lady of the I Gotta Create party! heehee

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Sugarswings! i'm sure you could come up with a really cute treat to put inside since you are utterly creative like that :)

  5. So cute! Did you do anything to "set" the Sharpie? Guess I'll have to take a trip to TJ Maxx. :) Found you at Tip Junkie.

    1. no :) they are paint markers that can be used on glass, ceramic, plastic, etc. that's what makes it so easy! thanks so much Patricia! :)

  6. That is too funny, my husband got home from taking the kids to look at Halloween costumes and he tells me, OMG all the costumes were like zombie, zombie pirate, zombie this, zombie that. He says, what's with all the dead people????!!!! So you definitely have a point. I like CUTE halloween stuff, lol. And these butter dishes are adorable. I cannot believe you made a chevron mustache one! LOL! So awesome! If you hadn't put the quarter by it, I wouldn't have understood how teeny they were. I'm very unsure how butter is supposed to be in them, I guess that shows how not fanceh I am! Love the cuteness and I want a snickerdoodle cupcake!! YUM! Thanks so much for all your help, Lisa! PS: You could always decorate with bloody dressings!

    1. HAHAHA! zombies are definitely trying to take over the world but the CUTENESS will always over rule! cute stuff always makes zombie people ill. that pumpkin with the vine mustache came outta nowhere i think? HA! and i think fancy people put cubes of butter in these dishes-i just got them cuz they were cute to scare the zombies away-if i had bloody dressings, they'd all be at my door! kinda like waving a steak at a dog. LOL!!!!

  7. I love how whimsical and special you made those! I also love that they're hiding cupcakes inside-- hello, that's WAY better than some butter? I need to head to a TJ Maxx and see if I can find anything like that!

    1. Yes much better than butter (although I love butter too-haha) I was thinking it'd be a really cool surprise for the kids at a halloween party to put in the center of each plate. Thanks so much Digitaleramom!

  8. I totally agree, I don't like the blood and guts that seems to go with Halloween now a days, I like the fun cute part of it! And these little guys are super cute! Thanks so much for sharing on the We Made That Linky!

    1. Thanks again We Made That! Every year it seems to get goreier and goreier (new word)-which makes me wanna go cuter and cuter! hehe


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