Saturday, September 12, 2015

diy pumpkin & candy apple candles

what happens when you have crafter's disease?
you know, when you can't live a day without making or thinking of creating,
so that everything looks like a potential craft of some sort.

well, something like this goes on:
will my brain ever stop?

cuz one day i got gas for my car at 7-11 which led me to get a slurpee.
then i remembered i had to get a few things at the store.
that darn target. 
i wasn't planning on getting these.
but for $3 each and a slurpee in my hand,
i got the idea to make some fall crafts. 

so here's how it went:
that stem came from my backyard.
good ole nature.

now put that aside and grab that 
slurpee/icee lid and do this:
and with some more E-6000 glue, 
comes the next step.
ok so first i gotta tell you this.
when i craft, it's all or nothing. 
 i don't measure or draw the plans out ahead of time.
it's all in my head and i just wing it.

which certainly does not help you as i have no clue what size that felt is that i used, 
except it was large enough to cover the lid with just a little extra.
i got that jute cord at target's dollar spot too.
i should call it the $50 spot for me.

so now it's coming together to look like a pumpkin.
just a couple more details.
i used the sharpie before the paint just for a guideline. 
i could've left it as is but it looked too plain to me.

the ribbon hangs just below the rim edge as you can see 
in order to cover up the line between the candle lid and the candle bottom.

so now let's craft the apple candle.

i used regular tacky glue for this.
no reason why i used tissue paper vs. felt for this one,
other than i just wanted to see if tissue paper would work.

sorry i don't have a pic of the tissue paper gluing but when i glued the tissue paper,
i folded it in half and just glued one part of it, and then i folded the other half over the glued part so the tissue wouldn't look all wrinkly from the glue.

here's a little more detail on how the paper works,
which i like much better than the pumpkin.
when you cover the candle bottom, 
you'll have to glue the ends to the bottom instead of tucking it in for the top part.

god i hope that makes sense! :>O

ok so let's "dip" that apple in caramel and sprinkles.
the sprinkles are just sharpie paint marker lines.
and i got that ribbon from who knows where-sorry it was in my craft stash!

we are now done with our fall food craft.
so let's take a peek inside shall we?
it's a pumpkin smelling pumpkin scented candle.

and here's an apple smelling 
apple scented candle.
just be careful to keep the lid away from the candle while burning (duh!)

(i saw in the next few days that another target i went to actually had a caramel apple candle-so try to get that one instead of the one i chose.
shoot for me but good for you!) 
make a bunch for your friends.
 but first you'll have to grab some slurpee/icee drinks.

oh the woes of crafting life!


  1. Genius! I have always tried to think of ways to use things I get a lot my case it's Starbucks iced yummies instead of Slurpees....but still, that domed lid! I just put 3 in the trash today! Well, my daughter is gonna shoot me, but I'm going to start collecting them! This idea is so fab, BBFF! I'm so lucky to know you!!! Well, me and a thousand others. Dona

    1. uh oh looks like i gotta take a trip to Starbuck's now BBFF! or dig them outta the garbage to save me some extra poundage-lol! and i feel i'm the one who is lucky to know YOU, Dona and others who visit me! :>D

  2. I am in the Fall/Halloween spirit and this craft really speaks to me! It delivers the luscious scents of fall in such an appealing way!

    1. oh you could make a bunch of these J and make a whole apple orchard or pumpkin patch...wait that may be too much fall!? heehee ;)

  3. Aww! These turned out really cute!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  4. I hope there's no cure for your "crafter's disease"..cause your creations are awesome! LOVE these pumpkin and candy apple candles! :)

    1. oh gosh thank you Karen! my hubby wouldn't mind if i got rid of the disease-it would save a lot of my $$$ from buying craft supplies! LOL :>O

  5. Your Pumpkin and Candy Apple Candles are adorable. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

    1. you are so welcome Kathy! but thank YOU for the party and stopping by! so happy you like them :)

  6. Oh wow how cool! And frugal! Thanks for sharing. And thanks for the tutorial too!
    I'd love you to come over to the Fabulous Fall Party.
    Come over and party!

    1. yes, the frugal quality is something i learned from my hubby-like it or not for me as i love to shop! lol thanks for the invite and stopping by Grantham Lynn! :>D

  7. Darling! I love your crafting process-similiar to mine! Have idea-will craft!
    Here from HomeMatters.

    1. yes sometimes planning ahead works the opposite! and plus it's more fun to do spur of the things too-lol thanks so much PurpleSlob! :)

  8. Very cool. Pinned also. Linda Crafts ala mode

    1. pinned again? VERY COOL! thank you so much Linda! :>D

  9. These are so cute! Though I haven't actually made anything yet, I do have crafter's disease. I am always thinking about creating. That light bulb is always on! The problem is I'm a procrastinator. I can think about creating something all day long, and it never happens, but this year I am determined to do lots of projects. I think I'm going to be heading to Target today. I love that place! Thank you so much for the inspiration. I am visiting from Worthwhile Wednesday. I am a little bit behind on that, and am just getting caught up. Anyway, I hope you are having a wonderful week!



    1. procrastinators of the world unite..tomorrow! lol i only say that cuz i'm one too-shoot i have ideas swimming in my head from years and years ago! but sure am happy i inspired you Skylar Magazine (are you a magazine?!?)! have a blast at target-that place always makes me spend too much but i keep going there! lol ;)


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