Wednesday, June 6, 2012

sweetie snicker's pie

we recently had a pie party.
have you ever heard of one before?
 get a bunch of bakers and have them bake a different pie.
then devour them.
it's quite a lot of fun actually.
this is what i made:wanna know how i made it?
oh goodie!
first up, what you'll need to buy:
then you:
put the cut up candy aside and 
prepare your crust:
while the crust cools, prepare the filling:
you're gonna mix the cream cheese and sugar, then add the egg, and lastly add the peanut butter and sour cream.

when you get that all mixed up, put it aside. (i know, there's a lot of that "put aside thing" going on in this recipe!)

anyway, take your cut up snicker's and cover the bottom of the pie with it but save some pieces (put aside...ahem)
for the topping garnish.

then pile the filling on top of that.
shake the pan so the filling is evened out, covering all the candy pieces. then lick the beaters if you're not afraid of raw eggs...don't ask if i did it...

now you gotta bake it:
ignore the bubbles in the cooked pie. 
you will cover it with this:
melted chocolate chips and whipping cream.
make a wish it tastes as good as it looks.

cuz you know, sometimes pretty desserts are nasty.
hate to say, but it's true.
too much sugar and not enough flavor y'know?

anywhoo, cool for a few hours then cut yourself a slice.

i hope you get to make one of these.
it's a filling dessert so save it for an entire meal.
and it's defintely not nasty.

here's to the start of a 
   SUH-WEET SUMMER!              

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