Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"cover me!" said the table and more from house 8810

looook at these tablecloths!
holy cow they are cute!
and whimsical.
and right up my alley.

and so not what i need to buy.

thanks to this site

sigh-they sure as heck would make
the cutest party tables...

and then there are these too:
1. ugh. these little birthday bags are screaming my name.
2. and then the towels join in.
3. but then these birthday bag monkeys have to do it too.
4. what in heavens name do i do with this? who cares?
5.something i constantly tell myself.
6. are these really homemade?
7. the kids can doodle while they wait for their plate of macaroni
8. just an excuse to learn

well, back to staring, wishing,
and looking at my empty wallet...

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