Friday, June 29, 2012

the coolest little shop in the big apple

 i was there just recently on vaca visiting my sister. 
man, there's sooo much to do!
and that's not even the half of it! 
i wanted to share, so this is more of an eye candy post.
i just had to show you my fave thing in the big city:
so my eyes BUGGED OUT when i walked in. my camera almost had a breakdown as i clicked away like a maniac. and the cashier girl was super friendly and giggling at me which always makes for a good time. 

so much awesomeness of cute colorful craziness, i couldn't even think or see straight. it was like my dream shop!
let's look at some things a little closer...
man, i could go on and on! 
anyway, this is the front of one of their three nyc stores.
the owners are from poland and they named their store after their children.
they said they are working on their website and i said please hurry already, especially since i live all the way down in florida!

so if you hear of it opening, you will be my hero! and of course if i see their site opening, i will surely let you know too.

hope you liked the eye candy today :>D
and mostly hope you get to check it out.
so what looks good to you?

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