Wednesday, June 27, 2012

shake that red white & blue

is it really?
i mean, it looks more like a 
pink, pale yellow and turquoise shake to me.

but there are no pink, pale yellow and turquoise holidays so we will stick to 
red, white and blue.
just in time for independence day!

this makes one serving but you can mix more ice cream to make more servings or use 
smaller portions for smaller/more servings.

the trick is to freeze each layer or you will run into all kinda problems. i know this cuz it took me 3 hours to make this when i messed up again and again, i tried again and again and yet again til i got it right.
i declare myself insane.

impatience took over me and i just added the layers thinking i could trick old freezer and duh on me when the colors kept messing up. but if i did it right in the first place, it would take less than an hour to make it (includes freeze time).
so color the ice cream freeze it, layer it, and enjoy.

man i wish someone told me that before i made it. 
i surely would've had more time for laundry!

on the other hand...
laundry can wait.

like forever-
think i'll make more shake. hehe

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