Sunday, July 1, 2012

cups and confetti for the 4th

hey you!
have you heard the "red solo cup" song?
if not, it kinda goes something like this:

ok ok.
that isn't exactly how the song goes but we are gonna have a party with these cups!

as you can see, all you gotta do is cut them up and punch your designs out, then glue them to the cup.

for the white color, i just used the back side of the punch out.

imagine all the posibilities with the punches you have or even cut shapes freehand!
you can cut black splotches and glue them to white cups for a barnyard party, or cut some strips for striped cups, or punch a bunch of different sized dots for a super cute dotted cup or make a flower garden with a mini flower punch or...

ahem-sorry got carried away!
let's move on to this cup shall we?
you'll see your punches naturally curve so it's real easy to glue the punches on the cup-they'll lay right against your uncut cup so there's no fighting with the punchout to stay put :) any kind of glue should work.
see how you can make some for the 4th of july?
then once your cups are done,
i love how the confetti comes out because solo cups are shiny and the plastic makes the confetti last forever and it's also cheap to make your own if you can't find it for your party at the store-double yay!

so happy punching to you and don't forget to have a


  1. You certainly improved on the solo cups!! Nice job, I love how you repurposed the leftovers, too! Happy 4th to you!

    1. Thank you so much! And for hosting a link party too :) Happy happy 4th!


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