Saturday, December 2, 2017

diy christmas candle jars

you guys ever have a christmas craft party?
oh my goodness today i am having one and 
am SOOOOOOOO excited!!!

cuz for one of the crafts, we are making
diy christmas candles!
i'm thinking this kind of party is gonna be a new tradition!
last year i had a christmas party with about 100 people in my backyard and i showed them the griswald's christmas vacation movie on a giant movie screen and had a campfire and dang that was a blast too so now maybe i should have more than 1 christmas party?
(i'm gonna shoot myself when i go back and read that...)

anyway, i'm getting off track. 
let's get back to these fun candles ok?

here is some of the stuff you need:
the jars i got at target's dollar spot and the rest comes from michael's and hobby lobby.

when i was hunting for candle wax all of them required heating in a double broiler and using a special pot and thermometer and blah blah blah that sounds waaay too complicated for a party full of guests so then i found this at michael's:
lemme tell ya,
this stuff is awesome. nuke and it's ready! why the heck anyone would wanna go out and get the other stuff is beyond me if you're not a professional candlemaker.
maybe the other paraffin or beeswax makes better candles but i'm sticking to easy peasy.

anyway, before we get to the wax, 
we're gonna decorate the jars first. 
there are a million options to do this. 
here i decorated the lid first like so:
then i just hot glued the mini decor on top:
for the next lid i did this using hot glue:
two down one to go.
but let's glitz them up with mod podge and glitter:
ok so when they are done drying, the wick goes in next.
i just took a dab of hot glue and stuck it in the bottle.
ok so onto jar #3.
this was the original candle lid i wanted to make but the stuff i had to put under the snow globe part was way too big. i ended up finally finding an ornament at hobby lobby for $1.09 that fit the tiny decorations perfectly :)

all the stuff for this lid comes from bobby lobby.
ok lids are all done, jars are all ready.
time to melt the wax.
just nuke according to box instructions.
i microwaved mine for 4 minutes on low power.
 just remember all microwaves are different.

after it's all melted, add your scent or color if you want.
i like the christmas tree scent the best.

i'm going to do a red candle tonite at the party for a demo to show my friends but all you have to do with the wax is nuke it and add the extra stuff if you want. it's super easy!
my wick was long enough and steady enough to leave it on the side as shown but you can always wrap the top of it around a pencil or straw so it doesn't wiggle around.

then all you have to do is this:
and then grab your lid...
and they're all done!
(i didn't glitter the snow globe jar just to be different)
well kinda all done-
i still gotta make the snowman one like i said. lol
so go and light up someone's life by making them a christmas candle!
(that's called being christmas corny :>P)


  1. Oh my goodness, these jars are so cute and you brought back the best memories of when I used to host a craft night, many many years ago!

    1. oh wow Kim! if you had a craft night i would buy a ticket out to Colorado and come! lol :)

  2. Oh, my goodness. I sure hope the lady I did all those crafts for needs some again next year! I'm pinning this, too! But I won't wait that long to try this....really have to check out that wax. I made about a thousand (seemed like) of those wax covered pine cones for decorations and fire starters. The first couple I did looked like they had been coated with spaghetti sauce. Not so pretty. But I got the hang of it. This just might be easier! Thanks girl! You always inspire me to try new things!! Dona

    1. HAHAHA well i must say spaghetti sauce covered pinecones are something i'd like to see!!! would sticking them in a fire constitute a meal too? lol so yes check out that wax-it's nuke, melt, pour, and set and i LOVE it! :>D

  3. A backyard party sounds like so much fun!! AND, I love craft parties too and you came up with a very "bright" and fun idea for yours with Christmas candles! I Love it!! :)

    1. thank you Karen! i love the candles too and a backyard party with crafts is something that i'm thinking about...i know i'm insane LOL 😂

  4. I LOVE this idea! My favorite lid topping is the gingerbread man with a Santa hat. Cute, cute
    ! And, where in the world do you live that you could have an outdoor movie for 100 of your closest friends at Christmas time??? (I live in Utah and that activity is not one that I would ever do. Summertime, yes. Christmas, absolutely not! Thanks for participating in our Party in Your PJs link party!

  5. HAHA i live in the Sunshine State and a part of town that never gets one snowflake :-( so i guess i have outlandish parties to make up for the fact that i miss winter so much LOL these candles were a huge hit and my favorite is the same one you like :-)


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