Wednesday, December 6, 2017

christmas party products

oh my goodness i am nonstop christmasing!
you'd never know it on this blog though cuz i am behind on my posts but last week i had a BIG party and this week i have another BIG party!

but in the meantime, i wanted to show you some of the awesome 
christmas products i got from 
because i am 10000% pleased with each 
and every one of these products!
first up are these elf shot glasses.
they come in a cute display box individually wrapped and 
are the darndest cutest cups ever.
as you can see they are meant for drinks but 
i decided to do something else with them.
unfortunately they are discontinued (major sad face!) but you can do the same if you get these cute cups too right here.

since i had a list of things too long to mention, i chose the easy peasy way out and got this to go into the cups.
and i layered the graham crackers and the cheesecake and in 1/2 hour they were all ready to be put in the fridge 
to chill before the party.
i added the cherries on top and the spoons i got from walmart. aren't they cute?
i'd much rather have a dessert in 
a mini cup than a drink any day!
it would be fun to put jello in there too-
so maybe i'll do that next time :)
next up i got these christmas bags and 
cut out some christmas cards for tags.
gosh darn it these are sold out too but 
you can get similar christmas bags right here 
cuz heck they are all pretty cute!

ok so check out these funny cups.
yippee! they still have some here!

these super colorful lanterns matched perfectly with 
the "oh what fun" table that i made.
i like them because they are more than just your typical red and green colors and come in different shapes too.
you can get these here.
and then when you have all these things, 
have a giant party, grab your camera and 
use these that you can get here.

cuz that's what i did and will posting about it very soon! :)

for this review i was provided the party supplies free of charge by Oriental Trading Company. 
no other type of compensation was received for this review and i provided my own 100& honest opinion.


  1. OH WHAT FUN for sure!! Merry Christmas and happy partying!

    1. and what a party it was! i think Oriental Trading Company just keeps getting better and better don't you Kim?! 😁 Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. Wow, girl! I really have to put one of your parties on my bucket list!! And don't ya just hate it when they run out of something?? Then you just have to wait to see if it ever comes back! I get that catalogue. Must take it more seriously next time it comes! Dona

    1. yes Dona! you must take it seriously because they have sooo much stuff in their catalogs it's crazy! if you can't find one thing they have another one just like it all the time! 😁😁


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