Tuesday, May 9, 2017

mother's day sugar cookie flower sticks

oh my goodness.
my kids graduate in just a few weeks and 
i have been hard at work for the graduation 
party prep i almost forgot about 
mother's day coming up!

mother's day is a melancholy day for me,
being that my mom's a true angel.
but i do celebrate amongst some 
of my work friends.

this year everything is comin' up roses flowers.
with these sugar cookie flower sticks made for mother's day.
the best part of these is that everything is store bought so there's no baking involved, 
just candy gluing and icing.

here we go, as this food craft started out with these marshmallows:
aren't they cute?
they screamed mom's day all over the place.

let's see what else i got:
a cheap dollar tree flower bundle and some colored treat sticks from michael's.

then i head on over to walmart to get these cookies.
hello cookie. 
you look plain. let's dress you up.

first melt some candy melt or almond bark
and ice as shown, allowing the cookies to dry on parchment paper.
while they dry in the freezer, 
disassemble your flower bunch to grab the leaves.
then hot glue to the stick when the cookies are ready.
color the rest of your candy green, 
glue the flower marshmallow to the 
center, then pipe on names and leaves if you want.
all done!
time to bag them up.
i had some colored twisters from michael's
and i used a 4x6 inch treat bag but 
cut about an inch from the bottom so 
it would fit the cookie just so.
ta done!
it's a big bouquet of flowers.
but guess what?
i can never leave things well enough alone.

cuz when i was at the dollar tree 
getting cheap batteries,
i spotted some cheap mother's day cards 
and got 6 of the same kind.

then i glued the card shut and 
used them for the cookie gifts like so..
see how i used the card like a little pocket?
ok so now they're ready for delivery.
ever wonder why delivery cost for flowers 
is so darn expensive on top of the cost 
of flowers themselves?
well these only cost a dollar a piece.
hope you treat your mom or yourself, 
if you're a mom,
to wonderful treats this year!


  1. How sweet, what a great mother's day treat!!

    1. hey you're a poet and didnt know it Kim! or did you? lol thanks so much! 😊

  2. Fantastic idea...as usual! Love the idea of "gluing" the stick on the back! Usually you poke 'em in things. This way you can use them on anything! BBFF must mean "brilliant beyond fantasmigorical fantasy"!! Or something. Dona

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!😂😂😂this comment totally made my day Dona! YOU are truly a brilliant bright light!💥💫

  3. These are so pretty, Lisa! I can not believe I just bought the blue and green sticks and was going to make marshmallow flowers!! You, being the genius, found some already made! I've gotta make a trip to Marshalls! :)

    1. hey great minds think alike Karen! i think that happened to us before but my mind forgets exactly what it was LOL short cuts for life! happy happy Mother's Day!! :>D

  4. What a fun idea! Thanks for linking up to #HomeMattersParty


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