Wednesday, May 17, 2017

graduation diploma centerpieces

with a trip to the dollar tree and 
a hunt for some rocks, 
you too can make some centerpieces 
for a graduation party.

centerpieces such as these 
graduation diploma centerpieces:
here's the how-to:
make sure it's the RED one you pick 
cuz they do have other colors.

i had this foam from walmart but 
dollar tree also sells foam blocks.

it doesn't matter, as long as
you can fit a piece snugly in the cover.
now it's time for this:
then head on outside to get this:
now take some white wrapping paper roll and: 

when you cover the cylinder, 
you'll have about a 3 inch space from the top 
where you can do this:
ok so i had this Martha Stewart poker thing 
for hole poking i got from michael's ages ago 
but you can use a Phillips screwdriver too.

the photo props were also from the dollar tree.
i pushed the photo props into the holes, filled it back up with the silver filler,  and there ya go.
this one's a double diploma:
now that's something to write home about!


  1. Perfect! Pinning! And my granddaughter will graduate in THREE years! See? My family keeps me up on these things! They know I have a BBFF who can cover any future parties!!! Dona

    1. YAY in 3 years you should have enough ideas to cover 10 graduation parties! lol then again, maybe not? anyway, i'm here to help my BBFF! :>D

  2. You've got an idea for every occasion don't you? These are great!

    1. guess that's how this crazy brain of mine works Kim! lol :>P

  3. looks like a grand party is about to happen Congrats all around

    1. yes Angie church that is exactly what happened! thanks so much for stopping by 😊!

  4. These look great! Thanks for sharing your graduation celebration with us at Creatively Crafty #ccbg :)

    1. jeepers thank you Lydia! i like the fact they were inexpensive to make :)!


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