Saturday, April 22, 2017

diy hello world clay bowl

happy earth day everyone!
did you know the eARTh without art 
is just EH?
ha-that's on a shirt i bought for someone.

anyway, today i have the whole world in my hand
with this diy hello world clay bowl.
wanna see how i made it?
cuz i'm gonna show you either way. lol

you can get any modeling clay but i got this kit 
from brit & co at target cuz it has pretty 
much all you need except for a glass bowl.

just follow the directions.
first i tried only blue and white.
but i didn't like how it came out so i added the yellow.

then it came out "earthy" colors and that's when i decided to make the world like this:
i only meant to make a cool bowl but it's funny how the universe works when it comes to making things you didn't expect to make. 

when i got the swirly looking world earth thing, 
i still wasn't 100% satisfied so i rolled 
some thin snakes and formed them into letters.

can you tell i was totally winging 
this craft when i did it? lol

then i baked it according to directions.

and after it cooled,
i took the gold marker from the kit and did this:
well say!
i made a craft for earth day thinking i 
was just gonna make a cool looking clay bowl.
funny how the universe works...



  1. Oh, I love it! And you made my daughter laugh with the saying off the shirt! Gotta remember that one. This is a great craft for kids. Pinning like a good great g-ma!! Thanks, pal! Dona

    1. i got that shirt for my BFF's 8-yr-old daughter-i woulda gotten one for me but i'd look like a sausage in it-lol thanks for the pin! it'd be cool to make a giant world bowl! :>D

  2. I have to say the earth day bowl is quite amazing, I LOVE it!

  3. The colors are fantastic! I love it :) It would be great for small items on your dresser. Thanks for sharing with us are Creatively Crafty #ccbg :)

    1. oh thank you Lydia! and that's just where it sits too :)

  4. I love the colors and the addition of gold! Thanks for sharing with us at #CCBG

    1. thank you Janet! i know the colors look different in the pics when compared to each other but the true colors are the brighter/lighter ones. don't ask me what the heck is wrong with my camera (or in this case, me, the photographer-lol) ;>P


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