Friday, April 28, 2017

diy cinco de mayo party plates

hey did you get to see my post about making 
a mother's day plate?

i was a little ahead on that holiday and 
forgot 'ole cinco de mayo was coming up first.
so...i made these plates.
if you follow that post i mentioned, 
you too can make these festive mexican plates 
for the 5th of May or actually, any fiesta.

first i grabbed this cactus image form here (if you scroll way down the link) and then printed it out backwards.
i cut it out and taped it print side down 
on the front of the plate so i can do this 
to the back of it using a black paint pen:
remove the printed image on the front 
to reveal how well you traced the image.
hey now! how fun is that?
now get to coloring the back of the plate
with more paint pens.
keep going to finally get your finished 
cute party cactus:
now let's make plate #2 using this image 
from google. don't forget to print backwards!

cut out the fiesta part and tape it
to the front of the plate, 
then trace and color on the back of the plate.
party time!
we need some pinatas for the party.
i just moved the pinata image around and 
then kept it taped so i could follow 
the color pattern.
pinata time!
taco 'bout a party!
(i used this image and just free handed the taco)
so there you have some fun 
cinco de mayo party plates.

you can use them as is or place 
charger plates under them to really 
have the images pop.
don't forget to seal the image with dishwasher safe mod podge applied on the back!
the possibilities of making your own 
custom plates are endless!
but be careful cuz once you start you 
may never take a siesta cuz 
you'll be having too much fun.
taco 'bout a party!


  1. "Taco 'bout a party"!!!! Girl, you crack me up!!! Love that! Pinning this, too! You are still the #1 BBFF in the universe! Dona

    1. well i wish i could take credit for that taco quote but that's been around-anyway, when it comes to you, taco 'bout a BBFF! and THAT i can take credit for! ;>)

  2. thank you Marilyn! and for your link party too of course! :)


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