Friday, July 24, 2015

insect light mason jar

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here it is again, just in case you missed it!

i'm here today with a ton of gratitude to the girls of 
My Mommy Style for allowing me to be a part of their 
summer learning series!

looks like this week is all about insects.
thinking about what i was going to make, i fondly remember the days of catching fireflies as a kid in jars and watch in amazement as they glowed in the dark til my mom said it was time to set them free.

now as an adult living in florida with NO fireflies in our area for my kids to catch,
i have a way to catch that same 
firefly fun by making this:
we used a kerr mason jar for this but any jar will do.
it's quite simple and tons of fun to put together.
here. i'll let the pics do the talking:
we left 4 on the strand and pulled 6 off.
they come off the lights fairly easy with just a little tug.

we got the washi tape from target during easter but any washi tape will do.

before we go onto the next step, i wanted you to see why taking 6 bugs off the light strand was necessary.
we left 4 plain on the light strand.

ok next step:

and place it right next to your kiddo's bed so they can watch in amazement all the bugs in their glory.
and the best part about this is you never have to set the dragonflies free :)


  1. Thanks for sharing this cute craft at our Cooking and Crafting with J & J party.

    1. thank YOU Julie's Lifestyle! so happy you like it :>D!

  2. how super cute love it our grand-daughter loves to catch fire flies and she would love to help create a jar like this what fun it would be
    come see me at

    1. oh i'd love to see your granddaughter make this! i bet it's gonna be super cute! thank you so much for stopping by Angie! i'm gonna go take a look at your blog now too :)

  3. Aww! I love how cute this is! So adorbs!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  4. We don't have fireflies here in Utah either. Darn it! But this is a fabulous substitution! Thanks for sharing at my Grandma Idea Sharing Time link party! You are so creative! (Can you box some up some of your creativity and send some my way?)

    1. lol! yes one box coming your way and if i had some fireflies i'd some some of those to you too Nina! heehee thank YOU so much for stopping by! :)

  5. love these insect night lights! so adorable and I will have to make a few for myself :) If you get a chance I hope you will stop by our creative challenge link party and share:

    1. yay! tickled you love these Crochet Hooks! i'm off to check out your party now. thanks for the invite! :)

    2. Had the grands down this weekend and we made ours!! I will have to get the pictures up on the blog soon! They turned out AWESOME!!!

    3. WOOOHOOO! you TOTALLY brightened my day Crochet Hooks!!!! THANK YOU!!! :>D!

  6. Love it. I want to make one for my classroom! Very Fallish. Hint. Hint. Do you have a follow button? I need to look for it!
    You inspire!

    1. YAY! make one make one! and as far as follow buttons, i'm on pinterest, google+, instagram, facebook, linked in and here as a google friend follower. goodness that's already too much for me! LOL many thanks again Grantham Lynn! :)


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