Tuesday, June 16, 2015

tv treat bags

dad's day is coming up this weekend!
what'ya say we make something for him on account that it is insanely difficult to get a father's day gift that he doesn't already have. 
or worse yet, doesn't want or need, 
like a pair of socks or something.

i would be happy with a pair of socks.
heck i'd be happy with anything actually because we are women and women are insanely easy to shop for!

like we got jewelry and flowers and chocolate 
and clothes last year and then this year we get 
jewelry and flowers and chocolate and clothes, 
and next year we get jewelry and flowers and chocolate 
and clothes and so on and so on and we'd be HAPPY right?

but this doesn't work for men.
at least not the men i know, 
cuz how many hammers, ties, cologne bottles, or tire wrenches can the guy have?

so to solve this horrible dilemma i came up with something i think they will like?...
cuz one thing all the men i know not only like, but love, 
it's TV.

and i bet if they got a new tv every year they would be on cloud nine.

only problem is, a new tv every year would cause an overcrowding problem not to mention an empty wallet.

so what to do, what to do...?
i guess i could make tv cookies again like i did last year?...nawww...

hey i know!
what about this?!
it's a new tv! and it's a snack!
food + tv = happy man

here's the how-to:
just draw a curved corner rectangle as the tv screen 
and carefully cut it out making sure you only cut the front part of the bag.

you don't have to use the target bags 
but i like them because they have a flat bottom. 
you can get the bags at michael's too.

i hot glued a string around the screen, 
glued some buttons for the knobs and 
used washi tape for the tv detail. 

but there are no rules here, just use whatcha got in that craft supply of yours :)

now it's time to get a snack.
my hubby loves these nuts but feel free to use any nuts you want! 

you'll need to break about 2 inches or so 
from the bottom of those stirrers. 
i just snapped them with my hand.
then carefully push them into the slits until they stand on their own.
be careful not to puncture the nut bag!
(no not me, the nuts!)

now for the last detail.
and now you have a new tv for dear ole dad!

(i put candy hearts in these)
are you nuts about your dad?

hope he's nuts about these!
my hubby just thinks i'm nuts.


  1. These are GREAT!!! I just realized that I'm probably going to have to come up with a small gift for all the dads at my church. So......cookies in your TV! You are a lifesaver, BBFF!!! Dona

    1. oh yay i'm so happy i could help! and cookies in your TV sounds like a wonderful idea too. i'm sure all the dad's will be stoked to get 'em BBFF! :)

  2. My dad has become a total couch potato in his retirement. These would be perfect for him.

    1. lol those darn coach potatoes! i need to try that sometime myself Beth! i'm sure you could make an edible TV for him though! ;)

  3. Oh yeah baby! These are too awesome! How cool to let the kids make several flavors and tell Dad he can channel surf! These are a hit for sure Lisa! :)

    1. if you make some of your caramels and delish candies in these bags i would channel surf along with them Karen! lol :>D

  4. LOL So cute! Now just if we can get him to look away from the baseball game.....!!!!

    1. LOL do you suppose TVs have magnets in them that work with men's eyes J? cuz i can't figure out any other explanation! :>O

  5. What a super cute and creative idea! These would be great for a TV show themed party as well. Definitely pinning! :)

    1. TV show themed party?! hey what a fantastic idea April! now i have to watch tv to make one up-but first i gotta get that remote from my hubby! LOL ;) thanks for stopping by!

  6. I love your craft posts, they are so creative and doable.

    1. and i love ALL your comments Linda and when you stop by! THANK YOU! :>D

  7. Oh my goodness!! I LOVE these treat bags! So cute!

    1. aww gee thank you Christine! so glad you came by-i miss having you here! :>D

  8. Ha! These are too stinkin cute!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

    1. and you're stinkin' nice Jess! :) thanks for your party too!

  9. Adorable treat bags!
    Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

    1. so happy you like them Kathy! thanks so much and for your party too! :)


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