Wednesday, June 10, 2015

shish kabob cake pops on a grill

woah there are waaay too many things 
going on this month for me.

my MIL turns 75 this Friday,
my hubby turns 50 in a few weeks,
my niece turns 17 next week,
there's father's day,
vacation coming up,
and not to mention 4th of july stuff i gotta get going on.

whew! i'm burned out before i even got started.

and speaking of burn out, here's a little something i made.
these crazy things have been on my mind for years now and i am just now getting to it.
reason being is that i was trying to find a way to shorten the process, and getting stressed out about the time it would take to make them, being it needed different colors and different sizes.

but i found a short cut and in the time i saved doing so to make these cake pops,
i made a grill for them.

so much for the extra time i saved.
oh well here goes:
use a food marker so your shish kabobs won't get poisoned with ink marker. lol
don't worry about coloring the skewers full black as the grill lines are never pure black anyway.

also you'll see the grill already has 
a black bottom in the pics above.
that's cuz i made the bottom first from cardstock.
but here's how to cover the grill:
it's actually best to make your red and black patterns first before adding the skewers by using 
the wreath as your pattern.
i didn't worry about the green color on the inside showing.
anyway, here's what ya get:
now we gotta get something to grill.
i got the pink and yellow frosted mini cupcakes from the grocery and smooshed one individually to make one cake pop. 
then i started making the kabobs with 6 inch skewers.

then add detail with food markers.

ok so now that we got them cookin', 
here comes my hubby cuz it seems it's the only time he is ever interested in cooking because it involves fire and danger and grilling seems to be a manly thing to do in many people's eyes for some reason...?!?!

so i might as well have him own it.

can't wait til these are done grilling!
i think in this case though i'll take my steak raw...?


  1. Oh my word! Can you GET any more creative/crazy?? These are great! Perfect for Father's Day, as you said, but good all summer long! Oh, my BBFF, you are the guru of greatness! Dona

    1. oh my!!! no matter what kind of day i'm having you always know how to make me smile my BBFF! :>D i'll keep trying to come up with more crazy creative things for you Dona! :)

  2. These are definitely the most unique cake pops I've ever seen and the grill to set them on is over the top! What a fun summer treat.

    1. talking to me? you talking to me?! excuse me while i pick myself up off the floor from fainting happiness Beth! :>D

  3. You had me at cake pop kabobs and then you go and add that adorable grill! Over the top cuteness!

    1. oh gosh to have THE party girl herself commenting like that you definitely put me over the top Kim! thanks so much!!! :>D

  4. You are so creative...I really look forward to seeing what you have on Thursdays! Thanks for sharing with the Blog Hop!

    1. wow thank you so much Pam! you're so sweet!!! :>D!

  5. What a cute idea! Too bad this didn't come up sooner - my nephews usually want either lobsters or Shish Kebab for their birthday dinner, but they both recently moved out of state. This would have been a great idea for dessert on those lobster years. I'll have to remember this one. Wondering if I'd be able to pull it together using a cake for the grill with black licorice sticks for the rack and the hollowed out part of the cake for the kebabs. Hmmmm ... Love it! [#CraftyAndDelicious]

    1. that's a fantastic idea! you probably could easily make that-how about with an angel food cake pan? would love to see that Chris! thank you so much for coming by and sorry i didn't make these sooner! lol :)

    2. I'm sure if I tried it, it would be a complete MESS, but it would be fun to play around with. :)

    3. naaaw, if you came up with the idea then it's always a possibility! :)

  6. These are the absolute cutest thing ever!

    1. and your comment is the absolute nicest Carlee! thank you SOOO much! :>D


here's wishing for a stuffed comment box... :>D