Tuesday, March 31, 2015

easter basket butter cookies

hey where've ya been all my life?
why i haven't been around here since uh...
whoa! another post?!

told ya i went crazy over spring break.
i had bunny on the brain disease.

but today's treat involves teeny tiny bunnies but still with lotsa sugar.

here ya go:
holy bunny folks these are SOOOOO good!

it does require some shopping though.
oh gosh you GOTTA try these butter cookies!
they're thin and buttery and i wanna buy each and every box at world market.
there are 10 in a box but i only made 8 cookies cuz i'm not sure where the other 2 went.......burp!

they look like waffles but right away they remind me of baskets.
and their shape is perfect for easter too.

so these bunnies are to die for.
now let's gather some more sugar.

ok you'll need to cut the grass in tiny pieces. but i do suggest using a scissors instead of a lawn mower...
and you probably figured out how to make these already but here are the steps anyway cuz for some reason i like to work too hard.

you'll need some chocolate frosting. 
believe it or not i actually made some from scratch instead of taking the short cut and use canned frosting.

you of course can use your fave chocolate frosting but i used this finger-lickin' frosting recipe and again that yummy word came outta my mouth!

thank goodness you can be a piss poor piper to make these.

i declare myself a piss poor piper!
call me TRIPLE P.

wrap 'em up in cellophane bags with a bow and you've got easter baskets to go.

all you gotta do is add a tag that says 
that is, if you are one but i highly doubt it.


  1. I would call you that, but you aren't. Those baskets look perfect to me! I love World Market, but rarely go there. Now I have a reason.....uh, thanks? These are just spectacular! Thanks for all your hard work with you mad skills, BBFF! Dona

    1. HAHA! some people call me a PPP already (perfect party planner) so you can call me that even if it means the other thing Dona cuz you're my BBFF! heehee and world market at ANY holiday time=danger which is why i love it so! ;)

  2. Keep 'em comin'!! I'm loving all your Easter treats. This is my favorite, so far. I tried to find those mini bunnies last year, but my Walgreen's didn't have any. I need to make a trip back this year to see if they are carrying them. They are so fun. I did find the gummy carrots at Cracker Barrel yesterday. Sadly, Target was out of the bunny feet kits. Oh, well, I guess there's next year.

    1. hooray! you're back again! and i'm doin' the happy dance cuz these are your fave! :>D look for those tiny bunnies by the cash register-the size is as big as single bag of m&m's. that's where i found them at my store last year but this year they were in the easter candy section. happy you found the carrots though! and i bet your own feet and tails you make are much yummier anyway Beth! :)

  3. These are so cute! I can just imagine all the adults and children climbing the walls after this though, haha!

    1. hey i'd rather climb the wall due to this cookie than anything else Tammi! heehee thank you so much for stopping by! :>D

  4. Visiting from Whimsy Wednesday, these cookies are the cutest! I would be thrilled if you would join my link party on weekends as well.
    Have a lovely day!
    Best wishes from The Netherlands, Annemarie

    1. wow thank you Annemarie! all the way from the netherlands too! i just love to travel so will have to come to your party of course! :)

  5. These cookies are ADORABLE! So fun stopping by to visit with you! Happy Easter!

    Kindly, Lorraine

    1. thank you Lorraine! and it's so fun to have you here! have a blessed Easter too! :)


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