Thursday, March 26, 2015

easter bonnet candy-filled mini mason jars

do you think our past life included us being mini munchkins?
i think so.
why else would everything mini make our hearts a flutter?

look at this and see if it does the same to you:
did it?
oh well better luck next time for those of you whose heart didn't skip a beat.

but to those of you who did, 
let's see how these mini jars came to be.
these mini jars? do i even need more jars?
of course not! 
but they made my pulse go from 70 to 100 in 0.32 seconds,
slow down to 60 in 0.25 seconds when i saw the $9.99 price,
then speed up again to 120 in 0.0001 seconds when i remembered i had a 40% off coupon.
so in the dang cart it went.

this idea is not original, at least the jar aka basket part.
i saw it on martha's site and 
it's in one of her craft books i have.

it was love at first site but then when i wanted to fill the jars as easter baskets, the less you put in, the better looking it was and then i thought what the heck am i gonna do with all this candy?
so i made little ones.

the liner + jar lid = magical perfect fit
the washi tape's from target and i have a gajillion cupcake liners so i'm not sure where i got these but they are from the meri meri brand (which i L.O.V.E. everything they have) you can find here and here
but i wouldn't pay $23 for them cuz i'm cheap and come to think of it, i think i got these at home goods awhile ago, one of my all time fave stores for fun baking supplies.
but hey any liner will do.

so here are the first 2.
and since they were looking like easter bonnets, i made the bunny and chic like so:

i'm gonna stick name tags on these and use them as place card holders for easter brunch :)

which one is more like you?
i think i'm the candy chic but would like to cozy up to that chocolate lindt bunny...
that's more like it...

hope you like 'em too!

oh here's something not mini that i think you'll like! 
my giveaway here going on til the 30th!


  1. Yes to minis!! You are so creative and these are so adorable. And hey..if you still have too much candy, you can always send some my way! ;)

    1. oh thank you Karen! a mini and a gigundo hug to you! :) i'll send you some candy in trade for your candy that you make cuz it's a 1,000,000,000,000,000% than any store bought! :>D

  2. We do tend to go crazy for mini's don't we?! Brilliant as usuall, BBFF. I may have to do some of these for my Scrabble gals! And the pencils!! Gonna be a busy month! Thanks! Dona

    1. oh goodness Dona, you should see all the stuff i have yet to blog about! i had spring break and went crazy making stuff! eeek! will i ever get them all posted before bunny day actually comes? wish me luck my BBFF-although i may add to your busy busy list again! :>O

  3. I love these, especially since they're mini. :) The chocolate bunny is my fave!

    1. yes that's the classic version! i think it's the fave for most. thanks SO much Sue! love when you visit :>D

  4. Super cute, I'm addicted to minis, the way you decorated those jars...SWEET! ;)

    1. i think if you made mini mini cookies to put in it that would put it over the top sweet Kim! :)


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