Tuesday, February 11, 2014

heart soaps

 i took a trip to hobby lobby for no reason and found that all their valentine stuff was on sale. 

so being the weakling that i am, i ended up getting more stuff to make one more valentine craft.
and yes i know it's in 3 days and who has time to make another heart craft but lemme tell ya, 
this one took all of 20 minutes.
and that includes the drying time.

wanna see what i made?
okie dokie here it is.
do you like them?
they're really easy, so easy in fact i question myself why the heck i never made soap before!
i always passed the soap aisle in the craft store cuz i thought it was complicated for whatever reason but heck it's like playing with melted candy. 
and if you've visited here in the past, you know how i like to play with melted candy.

there are even different scents you can use for the soaps but i left mine plain. it would be cool though to use strawberry or cherry flavored soap scents. 
wait, do they make those?

anyway, all you have to do is this:
i got all this at hobby lobby like i said. aren't those conversation heart ornaments cute?
they're not edible, unless you like the taste of resin, but they sure look like the real thing.
come to think of it, the real thing does taste like resin somewhat...
anyway, let's move on.
i decided to use just the hearts for these soaps.
i'll save the confetti sprinkles for another time...
but i did add something else not pictured above.
yes i do indeed!
they added just the color i was looking for.
let's see what the next step is.
the sprinkles didn't float to the top thank goodness! 
the sparkly heart did cuz it was just styrofoam.
and the soap thickened rather quickly really.
i actually liked the look of the bubbles on some of them so i left them alone.

now remember, if you give these to your kids, tell 'em these soaps are NOT edible!
unless they like the taste of soapy sprinkles, styrofoam, glitter and resin. which if they do, don't say i didn't warn ya for a belly ache that will probably happen.

ok now that they've dried, let's take 'em out.
looks like a cookie.

we need a cookie jar.
i would say the conversation heart soaps you can use but the sprinkle heart soaps are more for decorative use. 

now let's add a tag ok?
i say kids cuz they can always use the praise.
i say friends cuz they well, y'know.
and i say nice teachers and such with the emphasis on nice cuz i am not exactly a fan of my son's teacher. 
('nuf said...)

i would not however, use the soaperior tag for your spouse cuz, well, y'know.

so here's another valentine tag you can use too.
this one will work for your hubby i think. 
or really anyone except little little ones cuz they will probably think they are gummy cookies and have a hard time understanding the clean hands clean heart thing.

but i suppose if they say naughty words and you have to resort to the washing their mouths out with soap thing they might not actually mind.

oh wait, forget i just said that.

here are the tags if you want. 
just right click, save and print to the size you need.

i couldn't think of a better tag as corny as these might sound but it seems like corny pun sayings are the thing for heart day so i guess corn it is.

so happy corn day!


  1. "Soap"erior! Ha! So cute! I just made heart crayons for my kids valentines but I think these would make great adult valentines! I love it :)

    1. hey i bet those heart crayons are so cute! and as far as soap-erior goes, i thought of "you're soaperific" but not really sure what perific means?! LOL i love that you love it too Veronica! thanks so much! :)

  2. Oh, Lisa, my BBFF.....what can I say? These are just soapdorable, sute, soaputiful, soap-clever! I could go on, but I'll spare you. Really....love 'em!

    But.....I'm still hung up on your first sentence....you went to Hobby Lobby "FOR NO REASON"????? Who goes to HobLob for NO reason? Just going there is a reason in itself! I go rarely cuz I love it and always spend more than I can afford (which is anything over a dollar). Sigh. How I envy you. That's why you are my BBFF!! Dona

    1. i think your comment is sooper sute Dona! heehee :>D and you are right about HobLob. i have no real reason to go there (like when i go to the grocery for milk or eggs) but to browse but then i end up with a darn shopping cart and an empty wallet! oh well, at least that means more stuff i can make for you my BBFF! :)

  3. So cute! I've never made soap either ... now I must :) It's nice to do something a little different.

    1. i dunno Brenda-these soaps just might be addicting to do, especially with all the molds i have! :>O but you are right, it's nice to do something different and give our sweet tooth a break (but only a short break at that! lol) thanks again! :>D

  4. I do love making soap and remember thinking the same thing...why haven't I done this before??? Your heart soaps are so cute I want to eat one. Oh, then I really would be washing my mouth out with soap! :)

    1. HAHA you're funny Kim! i think the opposite would happen if you did eat these, as the naughty words would come out after you bit them! :>D

  5. These heart soaps are too cute! I remember making soap once in high school, haven't tried it again. But I would make some if they turn out half as cute as yours!

    1. oh Ritchil you gotta try it! i mean, all you gotta do is melt the stuff and pour it in a mold. i always thought you had to mix some formula together but these days everything's done! :) and you made these in high school? jeepers wish i went to your high school, all we did is learn biology stuff. LOL thanks again for stopping by! :)

  6. These are so cute! I once tried to make soap in college but gave up pretty quickly as I got lost in all the lye vs glycerin stuff. Looks much more simple now.

    1. lye and glycerin?!? oh goodness i know for sure i woulda passed making soap if i had to do that Rachel! lol all you have to do here is melt them for a no brainer craft- now that i can do! haha thanks so much for stopping by! :)

  7. These are darling! The kind of project you stash away in your noodle, and then during the year when you see the soap kits on sale - or 90% off on Valentine's Day stuff, you gather it all in like a hungry little squirrel - and then right after Christmas NEXT year, you take everything out and have these adorable little soaps in a jar in the bathroom on February 1st and everybody says "Omgoodness! you MADE these? ALREADY? Where do you find the time?" - and then you just smile and say, "Oh I dunno! I'm just talented and sooo well organized I guess!"
    Happy Valentine's Day 2014 Lisa!

    1. HAHAHA!!! oh J you crack me up! gathering things up like a hungry squirrel would pretty much describe what i do after the holidays. problem is i gather way too much stuff and am not so well organized as you say one would be! i'll have to stash this idea in my noodle now! heehee thanks again for the smile and laugh! :) hope you had a happy heart day too!

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    Jessica @ Preserving Life's Moments


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