Tuesday, February 25, 2014

candy bar cake pops

something happened.
i'm not sure exactly when it happened but it happened.
the thoughts of everything edible on a stick came to be. 

i am sure it has something to do with blogging but whatever and whenever it was, i'm thinking sticks make food cuter.

see, i can't even eat a candy bar and not think of sticks.
let's see how i made them.
just trim to size the 2nd wrapper.
the pics are a little small so just remember to cut a small slit in the whole wrapper to wrap around the stick, line up the small wrapper to the large one, tape them together, crinkle the front end and fold the back end of the wrapper like you're closing a potato chip bag.

basically it's like wrapping a small gift (chocolate cake pop) with wrapping paper (candy bar wraps) and leaving part of the present exposed.

so all those gift peekers and present guessers who shake the boxes before unwrapping them will not be challenged when they get these. 

but i don't think they'll mind.
oh and don't forget to notice how you magically moved the stick so it's now in the middle too.
you illusionist you!
so have fun unwrapping them.
knowing that things are better on a stick.

and if you stick with me, 
i promise i'll have more fun on sticks for ya.


  1. How cute! I like the way one end is pried open for ya so the effort to bite right in is minimal! I guess I notice that because, as a grandma, I'm forever peeling back string cheese wrappers and prying open juice boxes before I hand em over! How nice to just say, "Here ya go, kiddo! Take a bite!"

    1. LOL i can see it now J! i think all us moms and grandmas pry open food for the kids at one time or another. it's one of those acquired skills we all have ;)

  2. Again.....so cute! Personally, I'd stop before the wrapper....no patience....and all that chocolate on a stick looks yummy! Love the idea though...it's a keeper! As are you, my BBFF! Dona

    1. i get about the patience part when eating chocolate DOna! seems the more around, the bigger my appetite-lol thanks for being a keeper BBFF too :)

  3. For some reason, every thing tastes better on a stick! :)

    1. why is that anyway Kim? aw what the heck who cares?! LOL :>D

  4. Replies
    1. ain't that the truth Jill! especially your cute s'mores you make! :)

  5. This is genius! They'd be great for April Foll's Day too:) SO FUN (and cute too)!

    1. oh WOWZA thank you! you have no idea how much your opinion means to me Sue! YAHOO! never thought of it being for April Fool's-what a great idea! :)


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