Tuesday, October 29, 2013

silly pumpkin, bat and spider cake pops

are you like sick and tired of halloween yet?
are you like sooooo over the scary treats you could just die from redundancy already?

i mean, we've only had halloween posts since august on some blogs and it feels like halloween will never get here.

but alas, it will be here soon enough so i am gonna squeeze another halloween treat here.
so if you are sick of the holiday already, 
run, run as fast as you can!
but if you can stomach one more treat, 
well, then here ya go.
inspired by this scrapbook paper.
they come from the same line as these jars that i made a few weeks back.

i made these transfers for them not from royal icing, but from candy melt in a ziploc bag then kept frozen til ready to use.
you'll see in a sec that i didn't use all the transfers, as sometimes it was easier to just draw on the pops with a toothpick and melted candy melt than to transfer them. i just didn't plan too well ahead of time and apparently like to kill myself doing extra work :>P

i used this frosting mixed with yellow cake mix and made the caramel bits rolled into stems.
made a bunch of irregular shaped cake pops in various sizes.

i didn't care about making them all matchy matchy same sized either. 

i often wonder how the heck cake pop people do that anyway without a mold?!?!... 

oh well, where were we?
oh yeah,
 then i got to work.
so you can see here, the candy melt transfers came to good use for the legs and wings. but when you attach them you gotta act fast so they don't melt from the heat of your hand.

and here is the finished project:
aren't they silly?

i messed up a little though, like on this one but was able to fix it by picking out the weird eyebrow lookin' eye, adding and smoothing out more candy melt and then drawing the right one using a toothpick..

guess there's nothing left to do now but say
what? is it gonna be halloween already?
why didn't anybody say something?


  1. Hilarious, girl!!! Yeah, I'm gettin' tired of Halloween. Just finished 2 costumes for the boy and his mom that I 'Nanny' for. Can't wait to see what you do for Thanksgiving!!!! Love ya! Yer BBFF! Dona

    1. i am ready to play with the turkeys already Dona! i never celebrated halloween at such a great length til i started blogging! lol guess i am supposed to start valentine's in december?!
      anywho, i bet those costumes you made are AWESOME! :>D

  2. I never tire of seeing fun and creative ideas for Halloween food. I love that you were inspired by the scrapbook paper. You did a great job of capturing the drawings on the paper in your cake pops.

    Beth @ Hungry Happenings

    1. it's people like you and i who get their kicks outta cool creative food-i say the more inspiration the better! and YOU are truly an inspiration to soooo many of us! :>D thank you Beth!

  3. Hey, you and I are on the same page ... I'm ready to make turkeys and Christmas stuff! I'm sure that some bloggers have it done and photographed ... not me :( Love your silly pumpkins and bats ... inspiration comes in soooo many different ways!

    1. not me either! lol only cuz who wants to eat a turkey or santa treat in october? just doesn't feel right?!? :>O and you are so right about the inspiration! even if it comes to us in the middle of the night at 3am in our dreams! thanks again Brenda! :)

  4. I am with you, so sick of Halloween already. I have a feeling by the time Christmas comes around I will be sick of it too ;) Love these though super cute and fun!

    1. LOL! well look at this way, you have about 350+ days til next halloween but can't really help you with Christmas so let's just HO HO HO! heehee :>D thanks Tracey!


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