Monday, October 1, 2012

halloween eraser box

you like cheap crafts right?
i mean as in money cheap, not quality cheap.

  you like easy crafts right?
as in, i wanna do this in between 7 loads of laundry and cooking a 6-course family meal all the while waiting for the dishwasher to complete the cycle so you can unload and quickly get to your manicure.

you like quick crafts right?
as in 10-15 minute quick that requires no brain usage at all to do it but looks like you spent hours once completed.

maybe, this is the craft for you?

i don't know. 
but it is cheap, quick and easy and something the kids can do as a bonus.

 see these?
they are $1 each at target.

i have about a million of them.
in all shapes and sizes, not just these.
from parties my kids went to, from parties i gave, from classroom parties, from party parties.

and guess what?
my kids never use them!
i mean, for one thing, how many erasers can one person carry?
do they really make THAT many mistakes?
and there is a 115% chance of losing them if they choose to carry only one or a few of them.
but most importantly they are way too cute to use! hehe
perhaps this one would be much better to have.

so anyway, let's use them for this:
take any vase or box or glass or whatever you have and make this:
like this:
group them in 4 equal groups, so each side of your box has the same number of erasers.
this is great math practice for all you moms out there. 
(double duty=awesome mom tutor)
make any kind of design you want!
we tried placing them in fancy patterns before gluing but ended up liking the simpler lines.
we had a few extra for the top.
ta da!
put whatever you want in it.
candy, flowers, halloween straws, plasticware for a party, whatever!

 hope it's your kinda craft :0)


  1. You forgot to say fun! This is so cute!
    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

    1. oh thanks Christina! LOL well, i try to stick to my tagline. seriously. :>P haha

  2. Love it! Finally a use for ALL those erasers!

    1. LOL!!! and hey! YOU are my newest GFC?!?! LOVE IT! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  3. I think erasers are so totally adorable, I agree that they are wayyy too fun and cute to use. This is such a great way to spotlight them. I sure wish I lived closer to Target, lol! This would be a great way to give the candy to trick or treaters.

    1. Michelle! you always have some great ideas! it would be a fun way to give candy :) and those erasers i've seen everywhere (not just target) so hopefully you can find them if the kids wanna do it :)

  4. What a cute idea! I love reading your blog :)


    1. awwwwww, thank you so much Katie! :)you totally made my day!

  5. That is such a cute and fun way to use those teeny tiny erasers!!! Great idea!!!

    1. thank you Jocelyn! it would be cool to spray paint the whole thing to get the shapes looking 3D! (just thought of that) :)

  6. Oh this is so cute!! What a fun craft for kids too!

    Im featuring this on a Halloween round up Wednesday :)


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