Thursday, October 25, 2012

batty rice krispie treats

i've made a lot of crazy treats for halloween. 
how's 'bout an easy one today?
just use store bought rice krispies, grab some almond bark, a few sprinkles, some lollipop sticks and halloween straws.
i got the bat mold at jo-ann fabrics for 70% off.

dip it in the melted almond bark, add eyes and fangs then the mouth with some melted red candy.

so one word of advice.
keep one of these hidden for you, as these are pretty good and they will fly away fast!
yeah yeah, i know it's corny but that's what happens when you make too many halloween treats! 


  1. Those are great, I like rice krispie treats, but I think if they were covered in chocolate they would be even better!

    1. yeah Michelle-they did go pretty fast at the party :) thanks for being awesome again with your comment!

  2. Ha ha, looks like you had loads of fun. they look yummy actually.. Love 'm! Thank you for linking it up at . A new party will open tomorrow... Till then!


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