Tuesday, July 10, 2012

raspberry sherbert shake for hot mamas

it was a typical florida day for me.
i had a list of errands to do.
so i got into my car and:
try as i could, it just would not start! 
i think the battery died or something...

so i suggested to my hubby 
"let's take the boat out" instead.
but darn it all that didn't work either!

so i said the heck with that, 
i'll just stay home and make a cherry pie then.
am i out?!?!?

naawww, i say! 
i got one more idea...

but before i go on, are you cooled off yet?

cuz i don't think i can handle another drop of sweat. it's bad enough being in the older 40 group and being in that (meno)pause thing stage that is much much more than a pause!

ok so back to my idea for beating the heat:
this is my 
during the wonderful weather season we are having right now.
it's for all us hot mamas. 
or papas or chics or whatev.

my hubby introduced me to it eons ago and i've been making it since. as far as where he got the "recipe" he tells me he made it up.

which at first i was amazed being so young and naive back in the early 90's while we were dating & thinking he was all that and some kinda gourmet chef or something til he told me how to make it. then i wasn't that amazed anymore at his culinary skills. but still,

it's only got
TWO ingregients people.

raspberry sherbert 
that's it!
use however much sherbert you want and add 7-up until it's all blended and you have yourself a heckuva heat-buster drink!
it gets all bubbly and frothy and looks much more complicated to make than it looks.
i've been making it forever at all my parties and a lot of people ask me for the "recipe".

then if you want to make it all fancy schmancy:
whatever floats your boat.
don't like raspberry?
try pineapple sherbert!
or lime!
or orange!
or whatever!

i tried them all and it's all gooooood :)

hurry make some of this or...

feel the breeze of the 1000 degree wind as the sweat blinds you from your eyebrows and the ends of your toenails are fire red from the million percent humidity.
chase that ice cream truck only to find out they are out of your favorite flavor or worse yet, melted away into oblivion.

either way is up to you.

but my suggestion, other than booking a vaca to switzerland where the winter pics came from above
(awesome aren't they?) 
is to make some of this drink now before global warming melts us all away.
stay cool :)


  1. Hi Lisa! Thanks for your kind words about my printables. I appreciate it! I also appreciate your "cool" pics to help me cool off! I love your raspberry party drink, too. Did you just put the sherbet in the glass and add the 7up? Or did you put it in the blender? Thanks!

    1. Just use a spoon & stir til the sherbet melts. When I make it for parties, I plop a tub of slightly thawed sherbet in the punch bowl, add 1-2 liters of 7-up (depending on how thick you want it) and throw in a bunch of raspberries then stir it with a wooden spoon. If you just want a glass or two, put in enough sherbet to make it 3/4 full then fill the rest with 7-up. No need to measure anything. :) Thank YOU Michelle!

  2. I had my husband pick this up for dessert tonight and the kids loved it. We used raspberry soda, which was fun. We must be about exactly them same age, the never ending heat. Typical exchange: "Isn't it soo hot in here?" Kids: "Uh, no it's kind of cold..." LOL! Thanks for the recipe! I think we will be making it a lot this summer.

    1. Hysterical! We are definitely hot mamas! (meaning hot flash mamas, not smokin' hot mamas...or maybe I should speak for myself!-HAHA) So happy to hear you made this and your kids loved it! I have to try the raspberry soda now too-you are way cool :)


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