Friday, September 28, 2018

i'm baaaaaack!

i am back from the dead and alive once again to guess what...

i know, i know, it has been quite awhile but if you guys blog yourself, you know it is a major commitment that takes 
time, money, and lots and lots of love.

i owe you an excuse if you by chance missed me, and that excuse is none other than my number one top priority:

after almost 6 years of blogging and constantly coming up with original ideas you don't see on pinterest, 
i had to stop and breathe.

that part of breathing was to concentrate on REAL life events and changing things up to better things that were around me before i could share it with the world.

i started some craft parties, continued my food crafting, traveled, and mostly, concentrated on my family.

i wanted to share some stuff however, with what has happened in the past 6 months or so out of blog world so you can see that i did not stop with the creativity, 
but actually increased it ten fold in my life.

it was rejuvenating.
 i do plan to continue blogging and sharing more of my ideas but if something comes up, i have to put this blog aside until i get to whatever needs my attention first.

no worries, i LOVE all my readers and know you guys understand cuz you are all such lovely people, thus the reason i have to come back here to continue sharing...

anyway, here are a few things i did since my last post, which was about easter btw lol

ok here goes about 99 million pics...

 first i had a party at my church that 
i helped by decorating this table:

then i went to a concert with my hubby...
a short while later, i packed up my car...
and had a really big taco craft party that i hosted.

then mother's day came.
and later i made some dinosaur cake pops for a friend's baby.
and speaking of babies, 
i hosted a baby shower for another friend.

and made more goodies for yet another friend.
and summer came so i went to the tropical side,
packed up my car,
made some tropical goodies,
and had another craft party.
speaking of parties, i had this one for my work team.
then i packed up my car once again, 
and took off with my hubby and son on a 
really long road trip that was filled filled filled with memories.

once we came home, i made soooo many 
personalized glass etched glasses.
96 of them if you care to count.
it about killed me but i wasn't done yet cuz i was hired as a wedding planner too.

so i had to pack up my car and decorate:
and make a dessert table at that.

so now i am back...
let's have a toast to blogging!
i'm not sure where the road will take me from here 
but i sure am glad you're with me for the ride!


  1. Having a life outside of blogging is very important, but often hard to achieve! Blogging is a tremendous amount of work and I sometimes forget to breathe. I'm so glad you took this time to enjoy life and spend time with family. You certainly were busy!!! All of your creations are amazing. I love the pink flamingo and pineapple cookies!! Oh, and the wedding macaroons. So clever!!!!!!!!! Welcome back.

    1. awww thank you Beth!!! i honestly don't know how you do it, as ALL your creations are awe-mazing! i bet you don't see anything that can't be made edible in your life cuz if anyone can do it, it's YOU! thanks from the bottom of my heart for reading and commenting so sweetly!!! :>D

  2. Woohooooooooo!!!! I've kinda followed on Facebook, but it's just not the same!! So VERY, VERY, VERY glad you are back!!!!!! And if you should have to step back and breathe, I'll still be here waiting. Just so I know you'll be back!!! Cuz I loves ya, girl! Dona

    1. DONA! DONA! DONA! lemme take this opportunity right here and now that YOU were one of the top reasons for me to come back to blogging!!! i mean, how dare i leave my BBFF hanging with no warning? but i know you would get me leaving cuz that's the kind of kind person you are! i am so VERY VERY VERY happy you still love me and my little 'ole blog cuz we love ya back <3 :>D!

  3. You are truly an Incredible Creative and so inspirational, loving and one of the strongest women I know. The love you put into each and everything you design and create is AMAZING and a true reflection of the beauty you are inside and out.

  4. OHHHH MYYY!!!!! i have no idea how to reply to you aside from THANK YOU with all my heart!!! i am beyond blessed by your love 🤗💖💖💖


here's wishing for a stuffed comment box... :>D