Saturday, January 6, 2018

peppermint snowman fudge

holy moly it's COLD!
holy moly I LOVE IT!!!

seriously i am so not the florida girl.
i absolutely hate to sweat and rarely go to the beach 
which is only 20 minutes away.

i know, that sounds dumb to some of you 
but i was raised in a northern state with 
4 seasons and that is where my roots are.

i absolutely LOVE winter and think it's the prettiest season.
i never even minded scraping the ice off 
my windshield or waiting for my car seat 
to stop freezing my bottom before i could drive off. 

awww being frozen brings back 
so many good memories! lol

so in honor of all things winter, 
i made these snowmen.

peppermint snowman fudge actually that you can 
custom color to fit any winter day.

they would be pretty in blue and white too!
it started when i found this mold at Michael's that i got on clearance for 70% off!
then i grabbed a 12 oz. bag of white chocolate chips and a can of vanilla frosting and went to town.
just nuke the whole bag of chips at 30 second intervals til melted and stir in the frosting.

divide the fudge into parts to either leave white and/or choose the colors of your fudge.

then fill up the mold.
i just slapped it on top then cleaned up the top.
leave room in the mold for the other colored layers. 
make sure you bang the mold on the counter a few times so the layer settles and then you'll have room for the other colors you choose.

as you can see i used white, red and green.

ok the top layer of green looks like ca-ca (lol) 
so all i did to fix that is push some peppermint on top like so:
then i froze the fudge for 2 hours and popped those little snowmen out to get this:

again i think they would be really pretty in blue and white! 
(especially since christmas is over lol)
now if only i could make these snowmen come to real life 
along with some snowflakes in my town...


  1. Oh, amen sister!! I, too, an a misplaced northern girl! Being in AZ is a shock to the system. But, white chocolate and frosting for fudge?? I've never heard of this! Probably have a brain full of cactus thorns. This I gotta try. First have to hit Michael's and see what I can find in a mold!! So, pinned for now, but soon to be revisited!!! Really, chips and frosting........! Dona

    1. yes it's easy peasy lemon squeezy fudge! except no lemon! could be lemon actually if you want, or any flavor frosting! yippee! thanks again my misplaced BBFF! love, your misplaced BBFF lol ;>D

  2. I love your tri colored peppermint snowman fudge, what fun and sounds so easy!

    1. i bet you can make some lovely treats with this recipe Kim :)

  3. These are so cute! Great as a Christmas gift or for a cookie exchange!

    1. thank you Crystal! yes that would be great and you can make a bunch so quickly :)


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