Tuesday, October 11, 2016

multi-monster pumpkin

so how the heck are you supposed to come up with an original pumpkin idea when it seems like ALL the ideas are already taken?

it seems like a lost cause eh?

but then look!
ooOOOooOoo weeee OoOooo
i decided to make a multi-monster pumpkin.

cuz making it isn't scary at all, 
and comes together quite easily.

just head to michael's for the pumpkin
and party city for the eyes.
ok so they're not really eyes,
but awesome erasers!
and there not eyeballs,
but eye halves...errr..i think?

ok so first you have to cut your mouths out.
i just did it randomly, 
with no pattern but left room for the eyes.
well, i really didn't use scissors, 
but it was too hard to find a knife png image so the scissors had to do. lol

let's add some eyes to these mouths now
with some hot glue.
and there ya have it.
cuz can you imagine if your kid looked like this all the time?
why, you'd have to love it after looking at it 24/7...
or either spend the time with your shrink which is lots more expensive. HA

can you imagine having a bunch of kids like that?
and nieces and nephews to boot?
no wonder monsters look all stressed out.
well except for that one with the blue eyes.
but i wouldn't rule out the look of his eyes though...

guess you could always erase the eraser eyes and add some clear ones...
but what fun would that be?


  1. Fantastic!!! You are amazing....just when you think all the ideas are taken, leave it to YOU to come up with a new one!! And if I recall correctly, doesnt' my BBFF have a birthday on Halloween?!!! Dona

    1. HAHA that would be correct Dona! i wish the picture turned out better when i had the light inside of it because the monsters glowed and they looked really cool. plus they're silly looking and i guess that's one of the reasons why i was born on Halloween?! thanks again my BBFF :>D

  2. Can you believe pumpkin season is in full force?! Aaand..evidently all the ideas aren't taken as I see your spooky monster pumpkins!! :o)

    1. no i can't believe we're in full pumpkin season and before we know it, the turkeys are coming and then the man with the red suit! it's all a blur to me Karen! LOL thanks again :>D

  3. Awesome monster pumpkin. I'm visiting today from the Wonderful Wednesday blog hop.


here's wishing for a stuffed comment box... :>D