Tuesday, July 19, 2016

funshine sunshine pretzel bark

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ahhh! summer!
now that the 4th is over, 
what else can we celebrate?

how about sunshine, candy, and...pretzels!
lookie! it's funshine sunshine pretzel bark :)
a treat you and your kiddies 
can make and enjoy.

hello everyone it's lisa from hoopla palooza,
a blog that is seriously fun and 
chock full of happy tutes that's fit 
for every kid at heart. 
it's always wonderful to be here on 
design dazzle's summer wonderful series!

while i was thinking of a kid's craft, 
i couldn't help but think about a cute 
summer goodie the kids can help make 
with some adult help.

here's what you need to make your own 
funshine sunshine pretzel bark:

1. parchment paper
2. vanilla almond bark
3. piping bag
4. blue food candy coloring
5. white and blue sprinkles of your choice
6. ring pretzels
7. mini pretzel sticks
8. yellow candy melt discs
9. candy eyes
10. red food marker

ok first step is to melt the almond bark and put about 
a 1/4 cup aside in a piping bag.

next, color the rest of the almond bark 
a light sky blue color with the candy food coloring.


at this point the candy is starting to firm up a little so the more help with the next step the better.
and placing the pretzels as shown 
is something the kids can do too,
as the sun "rays" do not have to be perfect.
ok we can't have funshine sunshine 
without some eyes right?

so add some using some leftover almond bark 
in the piping bag to attach the little candy eyes.
then have your kiddo draw on the 
funshine smile with a red food marker.
and here you will have a skyfull of 
funshine sunshine!
allow to dry then cut in pieces.
you can bag them up for some sunshine in your pocket :)
it's guaranteed for a summer sunny day!


  1. THIS is my favorite treat you have created, Lisa! Have a sunshiny day! :)

    1. and THIS made my day all sunshiny!!! THANK YOU Karen! :>D


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