Tuesday, August 23, 2016

cross country travel map corkboard

let me introduce myself.
my name's lisa and this here's my blog...

a blog that i have deserted for the 
past month or so due to a long 
overdue blogger break.
(thus the reason for us meeting once again!)

i say long overdue cuz i didn't realize 
how freeing it was to not blog 
until i actually did it.

see, it started out with a trip.
and epic one of that.
seven thousand five hundred and thirteen.
7500 + 10 + 3 teens 
(my hubby and 2 kids lol)
7,513 miles.
that's how many miles we went on our 
cross country summer trip and why i thought 
about blogging for 7,513 times but 
told myself to chill and recollect my thoughts.

see, blogging takes up a lot of time
time which i made into wee hours of the night and still going to work M-F with my eyes still half closed.
time that i coulda shoulda woulda spent with my kids or family just chilling,
something i have a very hard time doing,
since i am such a doer.

anyway, i'm back!
and yes i missed you guys but lemme tell ya,
i had the BESTEST trip ever with my family and would do it again in a heartbeat.

it was sooooo cool 
that i made a craft out of it :)
so without further ado,
here we go,

you'll need this:
the map's from marshall's, and 
the cork board and pins are from hobby lobby.
the whole idea was to put the map sticker 
on the corkboard but...
don't you hate when things give you lip?!?
we fixed that right up now didn't we? lol

i just made the labels outta a word document and printed and cut them out in strips to fit the pins.

so there ya have it:
a souvenir of an epic trip, 
one of which i will tell you more about 
in the next post :)

and i promise i won't wait 7513 days 
for it to happen.

ps-it's good to be back! 
hope you've been well & good too :)!


  1. First, let me say, this is a great idea and full of the little details that show it's yours! Nice! Now, let me ask....or say....YOU WERE IN FLAGSTAFF, AZ AND YOU DIDN'T LET ME KNOW????? I could have met you, hugged your neck, treated you and the family to lunch (or whatever) and actually see my BBFF live!! Or I could have at least parked along side the road and waved as you flew by!! (Heavy sigh). Hope you had a wonderful time!! And you HAVE been missed! Dona

    1. DONA! my long lost BBFF!!! HELLO HELLO HELLO! ok i'll stop yelling now...first off when we left town, we had no planned route, no reservations anywhere and basically just drove. i know but that's how my crazy hubby rolls! :>O anyway, we were only in flagstaff overnight but we were there 11 years ago & went back real quick because it's a beautiful city! gosh darn if i only realized how close you were! if i ever head that way again expect a knock at your door! :>D!

  2. My oh My is right!!! You did a LOT of traveling, but I'm so happy you did, as I'm sure your family was so excited to have you all their self! Now correct me if I'm wrong, but did you go through Colorado????

  3. LOL i'm laughing because it was such a long long long trip and we survived being together! I'll tell you all about Colorado in my next post-it's one of my favorite places! :>D!

  4. Oh gosh! What a neat idea!!

    I would love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipes, crafts, tips, and tricks: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pluckyrecipescraftstips/

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

    1. thank you Jess! we are planning to add our other road trips on the map too in different colors :)


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