Tuesday, March 22, 2016

year 3-blogiversary & a new orleans trip

on march 22, 2012,
i decided to start a blog.

i never researched how to do it.
never knew what html was,
 let alone make a blog header, 
had no facebook, instagram, pinterest, 
google friend, twitter, stumble upon, 
you tube account, blah blah blah...
well you get the picture.

and 3 years later i am at my 3rd year blogiversary.
so it made me think of numbers.
and where i want to go with this blog.

i mean, sometimes my numbers are decent,
considering i hardly do any social media 
contribution aside from blogging itself.
and then dips waaaaay down as you can see 
from stats about a year ago today.

then for whatever reason, it goes up again, 
as these stats at the beginning of the year show below.
and the numbers go u-u-u-up and d-oooooo-wn...
u-u-u-up and d-oooooo-wn...
u-u-u-up and d-oooooo-wn...
oh what a roller coaster.
should i worry about all this?
what road do i wanna take for this upcoming year?
cuz this certain roller coaster will not 
make me a book author,
or a micheal's maker contributor,
or a you tube sensation.

but what if i like this roller coaster?
it has no social media rules or mandatories.
and gives you a lot of free time instead.

this all makes me wanna go 
on a spring break vacation.
still i can't help but think,
 do i really need to contribute more 
to social media?

or can i just look at the million social media stuff 
everyone else puts out?
should i just visit sweet shops 
instead to spend my time?

uh oh. 
that may not be good for my hips and thighs.

maybe i'll just paint cool pics instead?
or go shopping?
see sights and go on museum tours?
i know one thing i will do,
is continue using color in my blogging life.
ahhh the possibilities are endless.

think i'll just eat a beignet and other yummy stuff
for now and think about this one.
at least that i can and will do.

so for my 4th,
here's to an exciting new blog year of 
who knows what!?!


  1. I've followed other blogs in the past, that got all caught up in making money, and they weren't as fun anymore. Hope you don't change a thing, my BBFF. You are perfect just as you are!!! Dona

    1. sniff sniff! (those are happy tears) YOU are perfect just the way you are too BBFF! "so don't go changing Dona, to try and please me..." said Billy Joel and i! LOL:>D XOXOXO

  2. Congratulations on your 4th blogiversary! Love your blog, your creations, and your humor!
    I've "borrowed" many of your ideas and get a lot of compliments. Amazing that you started not knowing anything to the super blogger you are. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

    1. oh my goodness! you have no idea how much of a smiley face you gave me marymaci!!! i big time LOVE my usual commenters but when i get a new one like yours that is super sweet, why it just makes me wanna craft more and more while doin' the happy dance. THANK YOU and borrow away!!! :>D

  3. Hi Lisa! What a wonderful trip you are taking! "Colorful" - just like your cute ideas!
    I agree with you that blogging takes up time. I barely have a moment to visit and comment at my faves lately. But my site is an outlet that I think I'd miss if I didn't have it to post to. The first commenter made a valid observation. Too many blogs are now just full of nasty ads - blinking and popping and totally annoying. One won't let you link to her party unless you sign up for her newsletter. Not going back. Unfollowed her too. Sure I'm not the only one! You care more about us than you do about hauling in a pile of money. And something else you have is what those others don't - content! Delightful content! So, thank you for 3 great years! (and for listening to this rant!)

    1. an outlet YES J! good gracious we all need an outlet! lol and you too have some VERY valid points. sharing ideas, i think, is really what blogging should be about. my creative mind is a gift that i feel needs to be shared since it's not really mine anyway (i'm getting deep here... ;)
      there is too much out there to see and if people like the blog, they'll keep coming back. and if they come back they'll get paid so it's a win for people trying to make a living outta blogging. a lot of times though the joy you get from a commenter is waaaaay better than a pocketful of money. and i'm lucky i can do it and have people like YOU to share that with! :)
      ps (i love your "rants")

  4. Yeah for another year! From Katherine's Corner linkup. Here's to another great year in the making.

    1. oh i hope i have a great year ahead Michelle! hehe thanks so much! :>D

  5. Congratulations and best of luck for the next year. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

    1. thank you Carole! hope i keep blogging cuz it keeps what little sanity i have. lol ;)

  6. Happy Blogiversary!! My numbers go up and down too... I do a little bit of social-media-ing, but frankly, my blog is my hobby and not my job, so if it were my job I'd put more effort into it! If I spend too much time on it, it will feel like work and not a hobby!! So, depending on how you view your blog - hobby or job - should depend on how much time and worry you should spend about the numbers!!! Love your pics of the macarons *swoon*

    1. thank you SO much Angelina PeoniesandOrangeBlossoms! what a thought-provoking comment! and you're right cuz sometimes i do blog like its my job and then get frustrated at the extra time i have to figure out blog stuff or not do something i'm supposed to do, so i better keep looking at this as my hobby so i do enjoy it :)

  7. that food looks amazing, and love the photo montages. so colorful! happy blogiversary.

    1. one thing's for sure about mardi gras land is beads galore and yummy food! thanks so much b and happy you like the photos :>D!


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