Monday, August 4, 2014

summer in bloom link party FEATURES

today i am hungry.
maybe cuz i kinda skipped dinner on account i had a late lunch but nevertheless even if i wasn't hungry, 
i still woulda picked these awesome callosum features from 

so in case you missed it, you really and i mean really, gotta check these out!
first up, is PERSIA LOU's party.
and yes i am screaming.

especially about the individual favors she made and the hand written invite.

ya just can't beat diy people.
ice cream party by PERSIA LOU
and speaking of ice cream, check out these beauties from THE PARTIOLOGIST!
i've seen plenty ice cream cone cookies but the details in the cone are fabulous and i LOVE the ones in the dish.

i mean, seriously, can they not be any more perfect? no, i don't think so either.
ice cream cookies by THE PARTIOLOGIST

so of course after you eat ice cream, you gotta have cake! yes of course!

these scrumptious cupcakes from THE SIMPLE, SWEET LIFE will do the trick indeed. not to mention they LOOK SO FLUFFY
strawberry shortcake cupcakes by THE SIMPLE, SWEET LIFE
and since we had ice cream, cookies and cake, let's just top it off with, i dunno, 
more cookies!

these lovelies from KATYDID DESIGNS just screamed at me when i first looked at them. i have a million chocolate chip cookie recipes that call for an hour 
or more until baking time. 
but these?
what no chilling? no waiting to bake? 
i am SOOOO there!
the BEST chocolate chip cookies by KATYDID DESIGNS
and last but certainly not least, with all the goodies and partyin' going on, we will certainly need a new wardrobe for the extra "el bees". 
why not make these oh-em-gee-i-gotta-have-them-hangers from SUGARBEANS to hang up our new clothes?
vintage wrapped hangers by SUGARBEANS

so now if you'll excuse me, i got some bakin' and a shoppin' and a creatin' to do.


  1. EEEK! I just scrolled down and see you featured my Ice Cream Cone Cookies - Thank you so much - I Scream for Ice Cream!

    1. YAY YAY YAY for YOU Kim!!! heck i'd feature ALL your posts if i could cuz you are above and beyond talented i could scream it to the world! :>D

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here's wishing for a stuffed comment box... :>D