Monday, December 23, 2013

snowman hot cocoa tubes

sometimes the holidays can be tough for some people.

don't fret snowman head.
i am sure we can do something for you with these ornaments from hobby lobby and a coupla sharpie paint markers.
they're coming!
wow! now that is a crowd.
what're ya gonna do now ms. snowman head?

Ooo! fancy!
i think you need a body now.
how 'bout a hot cocoa body tube?

yeah, that's the ticket!
 (man am i showing my age or what?!?)
so let's just buy some hot cocoa mix in individual serving sizes. we'll add some mini marshmallow bits and christmas sprinkles then stick it in these tubes you can get here or here
then we'll hot glue their heads onto the bodies and use more twine to give them a scarf so they won't catch cold.
oh and we'll hot glue some pretty buttons on too.
Ooo! fancy again.
guess you're ready for a holiday party!
whoa that music's LOUD!
not quite sure she understood.

uh oh, there are some strange folks heading your way too...
hide in the crowd!
whew! that was a close one.
better call it a night.
you seem tired.

hey wake up or you'll miss Christmas!!!
maybe being alone isn't so bad after all huh?
i mean, whether you spend your holiday 
with or without people,
have some cookies with a cup of cocoa, and enjoy yourself.

  and celebrate the season.


  1. Awww, what a sweet ending to a sweet story! So tell me, what do you DO with all your creations? Certainly your family doesn't eat/drink everything you make! In case I don't get back on here before Christmas, have a wonderful one.....and see if you have time to rest your brain! Your BBFF, Dona

    1. well Dona, i just keep them forever til they mold and start to! my hubby would not be too happy if i did that! actually i hosted 2 parties this year-one personal and one work so i was crazy busy making making making stuff. so that brain rest you are talking about sounds quite wonderful my BBFF!!! :) MERRY MERRY WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOURS TOO!!!!!!

  2. How sweet are these, not to mention the cute little story! I love all the packaging!

    1. oh thank you KIm! that is quite a compliment coming from the Packaging Queen herself! you make the most awesomest treats and ALWAYS know how to present them! thank you thank you Kim and HAPPY MERRY JOLLY CHRISTMAS TO YOU & YOURS!!!! :>D


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