Sunday, June 16, 2013

it's dad's day!

well, today is dad's day.
and as i remember my dad, i always remember his laughter.

oh my did he have a LAUGH!
the kind you HAD to giggle along with him.
SO loud and SO robust!
i can still hear it all the way from heaven.
i giggle just thinking about it.

dad's day also makes me think of my hubby of course, the father of my 2 lovely kids, who he had a knack of being a father from the very start.
well, ok, so he didn't and doesn't always know what to do as far as being a dad goes, but he does love the kids, and is always so thankful for their thoughtful gifts.

ok ok so they actually didn't get him a "business chair" but i know for sure they could pull this one up:
so when it came to thinking of what to get him for dad's day, the kids and i searched for these:

but unfortunately, like the cartoon says, these have not yet been invented. we tried to think of something and wracked our brains til i gave up and told the kids to ask the wise man what would be the best gift.

so it looks like he has everything he needs anyway and is gonna be around for awhile.
(think we'll do the same for next year too)


(and thanks Dad for the smiles you put on my face)


  1. Absolutely adorable! You are SO creative...and not just with food!!! Can't wait to see what you do for the 4th of July!!! Dona

    1. oh my! your comments are always always always a day brightener Dona! thank YOU!!! :)


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