Tuesday, December 18, 2012

snowman popcorn bag treats

so like how's your schedule?

do you have a classroom treat that your kid kinda sprung onto you at the last minute?

"hey mom, are you gonna make some treats like you do every single year again cuz now that you started when i was barely walking when i went to nursery school and everyone expects you to make it now treat?"

well, ok. 
he doesn't exactly ask that way but...
it's in your head and you can't get it out.

gosh darn it.

so here's a quick treat that will (hopefully) impress the classmates, so it's a win win all around.
it's pretty easy actually and quick to make.
if your child's school doesn't allow "homemade" treats, well, this is a loophole treat cuz popcorn can be bought. all you're doing is adding to it... 
(hmmm, that can be argued but just play along with me ok?)

ok so all you gotta do is pick these up at your local craft or party store. i got these at party city.
so pop some popcorn. 
i only had butter kind but it'll probably look better with plain salted white popcorn. but it's the only kind i had in my cupboard and gosh darn it i was not going to the store and overbook my overbooked schedule to get plain white popcorn. just tell everyone you totally meant to use the butter kind to add more color. (cough cough)

ok so once the popcorn is still warm,
no need to measure anything, just throw it in there and mix it up like you mix dressing on a salad.

now fill up your bags and close off with a twistee.
now it's time to decorate.
i used paint cuz it was faster for me to do so. filling up the bags first and then decorating them will assure a good looking face as opposed to decorating and then filling it. (you never know how the face will turn out if you decorate first once the bag is filled).

next add the scarf with some washi tape.

if you're a washi tape hoarder like me, you can make a bunch of different scarves.

for the pic, i was gonna make all the bags up and then take a pic of it but then that would require me to put things in ultra hyperspeed to take the pic before sundown to get better photo lighting, which would mean i had 0.3421 seconds to do so.

so maybe i'll do it next time and i kinda figure you get the picture.

anyway, it's back to the overbooked schedule and tackling some florida winter weather.
it's 83 degrees and humid out!

please send me some snowflakes.


  1. Very cute and perfect treats for classrooms! I didn't even notice the yellow until you pointed it out actually. That shows you how observant I am, lol. I think these would look really cute hanging from the tree, too!

    1. hey! another brilliant idea from you Michelle! i never thought of them as ornaments! dang girl you are SO smart, even though you say u aren't observant-LOL :>D

  2. brilliant idea indeed! lisa's right. thank you for linking 'm up at our linky party at http://www.finecraftguild.com

    1. i love getting new ideas and thinking outta the box :) thanks so much for YOUR party Rose!:)

  3. Ha, I just got back from Florida 3 days ago and we are about to get our first blizzard. Trade ya! And I LOVE these by the way, they are perfect for a class gift super cute! Thanks so much for sharing on We Made That!

    1. trade me? ABSOLUTELY! i had enough of this hot weather-heehee so happy you like them We Made That and can't tell you how much i appreciate you commenting all the time!!! :)

  4. Just awesome! I wish my son was still little so I could have an excuse for making lots of bags of these!! Please do come share this at The Purple Pumpkin!

    1. christmas brings out the child in all of us (maybe) so make them anyway-heehee thanks so much Michelle!!! i'll head over to your party now.

  5. These are adorable! Stopping over from TidyMom's Link Party!

    1. oh i'm so glad you stopped over Cheryl! and glad again you like these :) thanks so much!

  6. Replies
    1. Diana i really really really appreciate you taking the time to comment! you make my holidays happy :>D

  7. These are sooooooo cute and such a great idea! Thanks for sharing at Diana's Pin Me link up! I'm definitely pinning this one! Esp since I have a bunch of those very bags I have trouble using up. Thanks! :)

    1. YAY and oh goodie happyvballgirl! i get a kick outta people who make my stuff! and another kick when they pin it! hehe Merry Merry! :)


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