Thursday, April 12, 2012

party to go

being a mom to a 9-yr-old boy can be a little tricky when it comes to class bday treats, since he is not yet preteen, is over the preschool age, and just getting off the borderline of not wanting to hold mom's hand in public.


oh and now he thinks if something
is really cool, he says it's "sick", whereas since i am a nurse, being sick is so uncool.

i think i am getting old.

another sigh.

so coming up with a cool not-too-babyish-not-too-teen-rebellion-type treat so that his classmates would still think he was all that plus a bucket of gravy was,
like i said,

so thank God i had another divine intervention wake me up at 3 am to give me this idea:
not too babyish, not too girlish, not too boyish eh? just colorful, and fun and making you want to attack the bag.
attack in a good way i suppose...

wanna know what's in it exactly? look:
candy gaaaaaaaaa-lore! and colorful ones at that so it looks more appealing to the kid and makes parents wonder who the horrible mother is who gives too much candy to their precious little one.

ha! that would be me!

anyways, fill a sandwich sized ziploc with what's seen above and then make yourself a topper.


well, go on a word document, type in whatever you want for the front of your topper (as you can see, i typed
birthday party in a bag).

 then type the back of your topper upside down about 3 inches ABOVE your front topper title (i typed in my kiddo's bday date).

another option to do this would be to type it in a word power point if you know your way around the can click on your text box and rotate the text upside down for the back of your topper. then type the front and place it 3 inches below. 
dang! i hope i didn't confuse you with all that! 

print it out on whatever color cardstock you like. see the measurements below?
 cut out your topper according to these measurements, so your entire topper will be 5 inches in height and  6 1/2 inches wide.

now fold the topper exactly in half and staple to your filled
candy, confetti and balloon bag.
woolah! there ya go.
a party in a bag aka
"a visit to the dentist"!

make it for any occasion and help the dentist pay that fancy house bill of his!


  1. Woolah! I'll leave this to your creative mind and hands. You are like Roy G Biv; a fine colorful fellow I know.


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