Friday, March 30, 2012

rice krispie easter bunnies

want to make cute and easy Easter treats for you and the kids? or how about just you? 
OK? OK. you'll need the following:
  • rice krispies treats
  • white candy coating
  • lollipop sticks
  • pink jimmy sprinkles
  • black and pink edible food marker
  • colorful ribbon (optional)
first, take a stroll over to Walmart and find these by the bakery section.
they are about 3 bucks for a dozen but i only needed 6 of them. and yes i was waaay too lazy to buy Rice Krispies, butter and marshmallows to make my own so this is definitely the easy way out!it's also much much easier to make sure you have a good consistency that isn't too mushy or hard to form them into bunny heads.
(you'll see in a minute)
take one treat out and
start cutting it in little squares. 
then put the little treat squares into your silicone bunny pan, like a puzzle piece, filling up the shape. tell me you have one of these pans please cuz I can't remember where I got it! i think JoAnn Fabrics...? (actually you can get any silicone pan you want to make this treat-it just won't look like this-duh.)
anywho, after you take your little pieces and fill the shapes, the pan should look like this:
so now take a spoon, think of something you are not too happy about and then SMASH the daylights outta the treat into the pan with the back of a spoon, smoothing out any bumps and filling in any gaps.
like this-
don't worry if it's not perfect!now stick the pan in the fridge for at least 15 minutes.
while they are chillin', take some white chocolate bark and melt about 6 cubes in the microwave according to package directions. i like using almond bark or this bark coating cuz it's easier for dipping. you can get coating at Walmart, Publix or Target. candy melts have a tendency to be real thick even after melting it and man is it a pain to try to dip things in it sometimes without having to add oil or paramount crystals to it!
now that your coating is melted, pop the chilled bunny head outta the pan and carefully-carefully stick a coated end of a lollipop stick in the bottom of it. remember, you must be sure your head is chilled (both yours and the bunny's,hehe) or else the head will fall apart when you try to insert it and you will scream.
so see, 
the coating acts like glue
to hold the stick in place. let them chill awhile again til the coating hardens. it should only take 5 or so minutes. now you are ready to dip the whole head in the coating. work with 1-3 bunnies at a time while the rest are chillin' in the fridge,
waiting patiently for their turn...
there you go, your first coated bunny head! but what's that you say? you can't speak?
just a sec, cuz i do have a nose for you. it's a pink sprinkle i found at the cake section
of Walmart by the cookie sprinkles.
oh good! but before i forget to tell you, make sure that you add the bunny nose immediately after you dip them in coating or the coating will harden and the nose will fall off if you try to put it on.
and you do not want to go there, trust me!
now take an edible food marker and help the poor smelling bunny out and draw the rest of his face.
here's how I made mine:
last but not least, add a cute colorful Easter ribbon on his neck and you are now good to go. after all these steps, now you know why it's easier to get the premade treats to begin with-let's not stress ourselves out right? and the quicker you make these, the sooner you can enjoy them. it is however, a little sad to eat cute bunny heads'll get over it.
Celebrate this glorious day 
and thank God for everything!!!


  1. You are TOO cute and hysterical with the witty comments. Bunny heads beware, you are delicious!

  2. I had to just make bunny heads-if they had feet they would hop away from me...


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