Wednesday, March 22, 2017

year 4

happy 4 year blogiversary to me!
golly whiz i have been slaaaaacking 
on the blog lately!
i just read last year's blogiversary post 
and LOL cuz i surely did not make 
much progress blog-wise.
gosh i even took more breaks from 
this blog than i ever expected.

and guess what?
even though it was hard at first, 
it's now soooo freeing!!!

i mean, i love love love to create but 
i was getting into a blog rut where i was 
 forcing myself to make something just for 
 the blog and thus it took away some 
of the joy out of it, not to mention 
time away from my family.
and that was the last reason i wanted to do 
a blog in the first place...i just wanted 
to get joy out of it and pass it on.
but blogging is actually serious business. 
it's serious crafting and serious creativity.
but seriously.
sometimes serious is not that fun 
when it is forced so i am no longer  
putting unneeded stress on myself to make 
2 posts a week like i did.

from now on, i am blogging whenever 
and whatever needs to be shared,
about ideas that i make come alive 
outta my silly strange head.

i wonder where this blog will take me now?...

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

st. patty's day pot of gold rolo bags

ok i know i'm on a rainbow role so 
i might as well continue with it.
here we have a cute pot of gold bag 
filled with rolo candy :)
it's guaranteed to make the recipient 
feel awfully lucky!

so put on your best clint eastwood face 
and ask that someone,
"are ya feelin' lucky?" 
and then hand them one of these.

oh i guess i better show you how to make them first right?
it's your lucky day.

first, download this free image
and print on an 8x10 size to fit 
a 5x7 inch party favor bag that you can get at 
michael's or any party good store.
carefully cut out the image and place on 
top of your bag to be sure it's a good fit.
then do the following:

then, if you're in the mood and have 
stickers or dollar spot tattoos from target 
like i had, do this next step:
so are you feelin' lucky?
cuz i think these would give a pretty good answer when clint or anyone else asks you,
"go ahead. make my (st. patty's)day!"

Saturday, March 11, 2017

st. patty's day churro chex mix favors

are you a fan of churro's?
holy cow if you're not, 
you don't know what you're missing.
i mean cinnamon, butter, and brown sugar?
and then mix it with corn chex and add a clover and a rainbow cupcake liner?

do this and you'll get a st. patty's day treat of churro check mix favors for all your little leprechauns.
it all started when i ran into this recipe.
oh my my my. 
it wasn't calling my name, it was screaming it.

so i got some chex mix,
and i got some of my favorite paddy whack sprinkle mix from here.
(isn't it wonderful?)
and i got to work on the recipe,
using only one kind of chex mix cuz 
that's all i had but it worked!
it's just a matter of making caramel mix and 
then adding the last few ingredients:

oh my my my.
this stuff is magical.

since i thought it needed some extra packaging cuteness,
 i used these liners that i got from home goods:
i stuck the liner in a clear bag first 
then added the mix and well,
you can see the rest below:

are these better than a pot of gold?
well, considering i almost ate 
the entire mix myself, i think so...

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

rainbow palmiers

oh lookie.
more rainbow treats.
rainbow palmiers in fact.
it's all due to the green holiday coming up.
and the fact that i am a lover of 
all things colorful and bright.
but not so much of spending too much time 
in the kitchen when i know store bought 
stuff is better than i could ever make.

thus the reason i got these at target.

brown sugar and flaky pastry? yum!
i wasn't planning on turning them into rainbows 
but that's what happens when you are a 
holiday food crafter and everything looks like holiday stuff.

ok all you do is make some glaze 
with confectioner's sugar and milk.

i actually just threw some sugar in a bowl 
and slowly added a teaspoon of milk til 
i got a glue-like consistency.

then i grabbed my food gel colors,
saving a teaspoon or so of white for the clouds.
and a food designated paint brush.
and just started painting, 
washing the brush in between each color.

then the rain came. 
cuz you gotta have rain (sprinkles) to get a rainbow.
and you gotta have clouds.
(mini marshmallow bits on top of plain icing)

so now even though there are dark clouds, 
you'll still have a rainbow. :)
now just bag 'em up in st. patty's day decor 
and you are set to share the rainbow.

yay for happy colors for all!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

chick magnets

well, chick magnets may be what 
a lot of men wanna be but,
they may not exactly wanna be this kind?
why those are chicks! and magnets.
and there's one more thing you need 
to make these guys.
the chicks can be found at target.
now you may be wondering why 
i am making these in the first place,
so i gotta tell ya it's an easter craft 
but i know how cute things can be sold out 
quickly so i'm posting this now.

when i found the chicks, 
they were randomly sitting in the dollar spot at target
all by their lonesome and i couldn't 
find anymore at the store.
so i am telling you about this now so 
you can get your randomly thrown chicks 
at target before they are all gone.

anyway, it's quite a mindless craft and 
really no need to explain but i will 
show  you the needless pics anyway:

the magnets are quite strong.
ask me where i got them i have no clue cuz 
i had them in my craft room forever. 
but i'm sure you can find any 
ole magnets at any craft store though.

the chicks themselves?
they're very light weight.
so basically that's it in an eggshell.
it's gotta be eggshell since we are talking chicks and also
cuz there are no nut(shells) around here.
...oops except for me (nut)?
so go forth and make chick magnets just cuz 
there's nothing else to do in life!
oh goodness you may wanna get the weight off of other stuff first...