Saturday, July 1, 2017

bald eagle fireworks favor

today we continue on with the 
red, white and blue holiday coming up.

only i used a little bit of easter 
in this craft.

well, i guess that's what happens sometimes 
when holidays are ingrained in your brain 
like mine and run into each other
due to the limited brain space going on.

without further ado,
but, still, yet, though, lol,
may i introduce to you a
bald eagle fireworks favor.
it all started when i saw this in my craft room.
jumbo iridescent easter eggs that 
were too pretty to put away
and were gnawing at me to make something, 
anything, outta them.

so i got my brown acrylic paint and 
painted the entire bottom, and 
the lower third for the top as shown.
what she means is that i used an old catalog 
i got in the mail for painting purposes...

then my hubby walks in, sees what you see above, 
and asks why i painted a brown boob.
i'll wait and let you process that...

let's move on.

i had some yellow electrical tape 
not cuz i know what to do with electrical tape besides craft with it, and took to some folding here and there like so:
then i snipped it to form a beak and taped it down.
these old eyeball stickers will work.


lets fill him up.

here i got some of the garland i used for my uncle sam centerpiece i made at my last blog post, 
and got some dollar tree fireworks.
oh yes!
gotta give the eagle some worms.

(i know an eagle is a bird 
but does it even eat worms?)

anyway, i added some detail with a paint pen 
cuz i do know eagles have feathers and wings.
then i adorned the guy with some 4th of july 
twine and a mini cupcake flag i pulled off 
of a cupcake pick.
here's where you can write down the recipient's name on the flag if you want (or not)
and then this will happen:
first you gotta grab some more dollar tree garland 
and make a nest for him to rest on the holiday table.

only thing left is to tell everyone 
the egg came first and 
not the chicken eagle!


  1. Unbelievable!! And so cute! Only you can combine Easter and the 4th of July and come up with something so perfect!! Dona

    1. thank you BBFF! i don't think there are enough bald eagle crafts for the 4th so i had to add to it LOL ;>D happy 4th to you and yours!

  2. These are soo cute, Lisa! Fun for those 4th parties! :)

    1. thank you Karen! i'm SOOO happy you came by! i haven't blogged in awhile so it's good to know you visited! :>D


here's wishing for a stuffed comment box... :>D