Friday, January 27, 2017

diy clay conversation hearts (with arrows)

conversation hearts.
i wonder how they ever got started, 
as i remember them when i was little girl 
a looooooong time ago.
guess i could always google the history of 
conversation hearts or even go buy me a 
box but i don't like the taste of 'em.

so what's a non-conversation-heart-eater like me
supposed to do when i still like the 
cuteness of conversation hearts?

i make them with clay 
except i include an arrow in it. 
like this:
to make these, first up you'll need air dry clay and 
a valentine mold, both of which you 
can find at michael's.
just smoosh the clay in the mold and compact 
it as tight as you can then smooth 
out the back with your hand.
flip the mold over to be sure the 
front of the heart looks smooth.

this clay is really awesome because it doesn't stick 
to your hand and with just a little coaxing, 
is actually easy to remove from the mold and 
still be a little pliable to work with 
before it completely dries.
no worries about the letters being a little indistinct, 
as we can fix that after it dries.

anyway, since it isn't completely dry yet, 
we can do this:
now you need your arrow.

that way you can get a heart with a 
straight arrow like so:
now grab your paint and go to town with all the colors.
i stuck the hearts on a stick while i painted them.
this way it's easier to turn the hearts while 
painting and not get your fingers in the way.
then stick the stick in a styrofoam block or 
a lollipop holder like i have to dry.
when the paint dries,
go over the raised letters with a red sharpie.
and then enjoy all the little colorful 
arrow conversation hearts.
don't forget to add your twine or ribbon or whatever.
i hung these on a fake tree plant in my dining room.
so there you have it.

you can hang these on a string as a garland, 
or as a gift tag, a trinket for your sweetie pal, 
leave the holes outta them and glue to cardstock 
and make a pic, turn them into kid jewelry, 
put them in a bowl for display,
make a card outta them, 
wrap them around flatware in napkins,
glue them on a gift package, 
stick them in a jar, 
or or or...
all of the above.
or just look at these and add them to 
pinterest to make who knows when. lol


  1. Funny thing, BBFF, I don't like the taste of them either, but if it's all that's around I'll eat 'em anyway! Fortunately, your idea is even better...all the cuteness with none of the calories!!! You rock! Dona

    1. "all the cuteness with none of the calories"...don't you wish that was written on real food?! but then again, my fridge would be overloaded. ;) you always make me smile BBFF! :>D

  2. Your hearts turned out so cute! I think I still have my childhood tastebuds..i love conversation hearts, circus candy peanuts, Lucky!

    1. hey i must admit that's the first time i've ever heard of childhood tastebuds! LOL i hope they never change for you Karen! :)

  3. This is such a cute & clever idea! Who doesn't love conversation hearts. Pinned & shared. Thanks for joining the Inspiration Spotlight party.

  4. Cute idea I really like the look of hanging them on a tree. It is kind of a nice way to ease out of the Christmas but not totally give up holiday theme décor.

    1. oh hey i never even thought about that Melissa Rudy! it's just a plant that stands in my dining room so now it'll be called the holiday tree :) thank you!


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