Friday, November 18, 2016

turkey garland

hey now it's only a week away 
from thanksgiving so i gotta get cranking with  the turkey day festivity prep.

whaddya say to this? 
here's an easy peasy craft to turn any plain room 
into a thanksgiving celebration.
all you need is this:
like it says, it's a placecard kit but 
since it comes with 10 placecards,
 and i didn't need that many, 
 i decided to make a turkey garland out of it. 
here's the how-to:
i just cut the shape free hand.
it doesn't have to be perfect and i liked the 
fact that every turkey has their own shape.

ok so next:

then repeat repeat repeat to get this:

ok settle down settle down you wild turkeys you!

let's say we hold these guys down before we lose control.
so there ya go.
an orderly line of thanksgiving turkeys to adorn your room.

hope thanksgiving gives you a chance 
to gobble til you wobble :)!


  1. Well, another great idea BBFF! I'll be wobbling for sure on T-day! Have 2 dinners....we always do, actually. First at my daughter's around noon, then at our friends around 4:00. I'm house sitting the whole week, so I have NO work to do for either of the dinners! Don't be jealous, now! Hope yours is fabulous! Dona

    1. 2 dinners? 2 dinners? no work? no work? jealous? jealous? why of course i am! why of course i am! so yes this all bears repeating Dona! so yes this all bears repeating Dona! LOL!! :>D HAPPY THANKSGIVING! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

  2. What a fun decoration for Thanksgiving! We can eat turkey while looking at turkey and definitely wobble while we gobble! ;)

    1. wobbling and gobbling is the in thing these days! heehee thanks so much Karen! :)

  3. oh wow! thank you SO much Marilyn! hope your thanksgiving was wonderful :>D


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