Saturday, February 13, 2016

mini valentine candy box macarons

when i was in new york last december 
i went to fantastical bryant park.

for those of you who've never been there,
it's a totally fun and awesome outdoor place 
full of wonderful shops, restaurants, and even 
includes a merry-go-round and an ice skating rink.

after spending most of the afternoon there,
i was getting ready to leave when 
i saw 2 girls munching on macarons 
and holding a totally cute box of them.

because i love macarons,
i was flipping and asked where they got them 
and they looked at me funny cuz 
they were standing right in front of the place called woops! 
a magical shop with magical macarons 
of every color and flavor.
how the heck did i miss that place? 
i thought.

i got so dang excited i stepped 
right up and ordered me 6 of them.
yup, only 6 cuz it cost me $18.

while i was leaving, 
my sister who was waiting for me said 
"do you realize what you just did?"
and she pointed to the shop that had about 100 people in line and practically covered the front of the shop.

100 people that i totally cut in front of because i was in macaron la la land and 
just stepped right up to the booth to order,
not even realizing they were there.

and no one stopped me?!?!?

they must've known not to ever bother 
a macaron la la land person.

well to make a long story short,
i got outta that la la land state 
when i got the blah blah bill for it.

goodness they are bloody expensive!
and to get a dozen shipped to my house 
would cost me $72.
72 bucks for 12 cookies?! 

don't get me wrong, they were good and everything 
but i decided i had to make my own again if i wanted more.

so i did.
using this ole reliable recipe.

and i thought to do 
something else with them here:

then i did one more thing:

and i wrapped them up in red cling wrap, 
tied a ribbon around it 
and off they went to a couple sweeties i know.
oh gosh!
i made 40 of them which amounts to $120 
at some macaron places
and that doesn't even count the decorations that go with it.
so i am guessing this would go for $150?
oh and don't forget 
the shipping that goes with it.

so pretty valentine package gift=
pretty affordable 
but looks like you spent a ton.

if you don't wanna make any macarons at all,
you can always make truffles or 
another chocolate cookie
or even dipped mini oreos instead.

what's not to love?



  1. I stayed right across from Bryant Park a few months ago and sadly missed that shop. I found a great bakery near my hotel and made a trip to Jacques Torres Chocolates though, so my sweet tooth was satisfied. I love how you decorated your macarons and packaged them for Valentine's Day. That would be a wonderful gift to receive.

    1. oh my goodness you stayed right by the park? that sounds like a very dangerous place to be for me-dangerous, that is, to my pocketbook! lol :>O but the bakery and Jacques Torres chocolates sound like another dangerous place to be too-dangerous that is to my hips! lol ;>P thanks SO much Beth! :>D

  2. that is amazing - they look like they are professionally made and Bryant Park sounds like a fabulous place to visit. Thanks for sharing on our #OTM link up ~ Leanne

    1. wow thank you Leanne! it was fun putting it all together :)!

  3. OK! I'll try to make macaroons!! Sheesh. You keep making all these amazing things out of them so I have to try! You keep pushing me to try new things with all your subliminal messages! Yes, mistress, I shall obey! Dona

    1. BAHAHAHAHA!!!! hilarious! now i gotta see those macarons when you're done making them Dona! ;) i have more macaron ideas in store-uh oh! i just may do my BBFF in! :>O

  4. YUM! I'll take 25! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!


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