Wednesday, April 15, 2015

monogram macarons for an 80th bday

if you're reading this post on my site, 
see that category up there that says party time?
well, i made that up intentionally thinking i was gonna post my parties on this blog.
then the blog happened and i was getting more and more ideas in my head than i could count and well, the party posts just didn't happen.

til today.
better late than never right?

the fact is, i LOVE hosting parties.
so i've done it forever ago and loudly and clearly state how much i wanna do it forever again to all my family and friends and just stop all the nursing all together but heck 
such is life. 

so i do it "on the side" and it makes me crazy nutty busy but in the bestest crazy nutty busy kinda way possible.
i can do my crafts, both edible and nonedible, which makes me uber happy.

anyway, here's what i made for a very good friend's grandmother's 80th bday last year.
it's a good thing for digital pics cuz my brain is on vacation this week.
i tried to get it in blog mode but heck i couldn't think of anything.
i think all those easter bunnies clogged up a cranial vessel or two.

then i came across these cookies in my computer and thought 
hey think i'll post these up!

so here ya go.
it's the same recipe i've used over and over (see here, here and here or just type macarons in my search box and see all the craziness i concoted) 
but did you know you can pipe macaron batter 
on top of macaron batter? 

i was just playing one day to see if it worked and lo and behold i was a dancin' in my kitchen when i made these last year.
i colored 3/4 of the batter yellow and left the rest white for the letter G.

i made a few white macarons with the leftover white batter too. 
i made them banana flavored and i declared them the best dessert on the dessert table.
and speaking of dessert table, wanna see the rest?

here ya go again.
i made centerpieces for all the tables too.
it was bling-themed party.
there were balloons stuck on the top of the hats which gave them height. 

ok so here are the desserts close-up.
the guest of honor wanted fruit desserts so here's what i came up with.

these are chocolate ganache truffles-not sure why i didn't take a pic with the sign next to it.

oh now i remember, it's cuz i was doing the running-around-like-a-chicken-with-its-head-cut-off thing which usually happens when i have a party.

i know they aren't in the fruit category but no party's complete without chocolate.
so here are all the desserts family style.
you'll see some white chocolate dipped oreos in the front but i must've passed out from exhaustion before i got a chance to take a closeup pic of them. 
i had little gold dragees sprinkles on them.

and here are some of the other things i made including the foamcore letter G and the 80 numbers, the thank you favors, and the buffet set up.
so hey would you like to see more of my parties i made?

it's a complete set of creative chaos.
my favorite kind!


  1. WOW, Lisa, you really know how to party - love everything you created, especially the macarons. This party sure "blings" out the best in you! :)

    1. HAHA you're funny! the whole time i was making this post i kept thinking i was the partiologist Kim! but i know i can't even come close to your talent! :)

  2. Wow. I am humbled. To think I have someone like you as a BBFF......I just don't know what to say. You are a professional!!!! I bow to your greatness.....and drool over all the goodies! You really ARE awesome! Dona

    1. oh my goodness you never ever cease to make me smile Dona! i bow to your great friendship my BBFF! :>D

    2. Oh your cookies are so cute and I just love those blinged out cake pops. What a nice way to celebrate an 80th birthday! Found you on the Freedom Fridays hop. Following you on Instagram too!

    3. yippee! thank you SOOO much Organized Island! not sure how i missed this comment til now but sure am happy when i saw it! :>D

  3. Dang, girl! That's some serious business there! Very creative and amazing! We are so happy you linked up with us at Thursday Favorite Things.

    1. oh goodness i know Jas! i was thinking "dang! i'm tired!" when i was done-lol thank you SO much for stopping by and for your party! :)

  4. Wow Lisa! You're a super cool party hostess! I was gonna comment on how awesome I thought your macarons are..what with all the ingenious monogramming made with batter and all..and then I saw the party it! I would definitely make myself nutty doing entire parties and I would love to see more of yours. Those sweet little strawberries all dressed up in their own little containers are too cute. :)

    1. thank you thank you Karen! it was a labor of love but it's pretty cool to bring it all together and especially see all the people go gaga over all the sweets-lol i bet you could make a heckuva dessert table yourself! :>D

  5. Oh gosh...these turned out so cute!

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

    1. it was a lot of work but i was having too much fun to care :) thanks again Jess!

  6. My husband loves macaroons. I will have to give them a try. I want to just take on off of the plate. Pinning.

    1. hooray! i wish i could give you a plate of macarons for you and your hubby for being so sweet MaryEllen! thanks so much! :>D

  7. Love the monogram and all the party goodies, such a great job! An 80th birthday deserves pretty party treats! Glad I saw this over at Project Inspired.

    1. and so glad you came by too Sharon! i hope all your bdays are celebrated big time like this 80th one! :)

  8. oh my gosh, this is all amazing. now i know not only do i want macarons at my next party, but i want them to be monogrammed!

    1. oh my gosh thank you b! i hope you get your wish! :>D

  9. Macaroons are a wonderful thing. Thanks for posting. Hello from Clever Chicks Blog Hop.

    1. yes i totally agree Melissa! but once you start making them and getting it right it's hard to stop-lol ;) thank you SOOO much for stopping by!


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